[Day 2] The 8 Days of Fasting & Training: Hunger’s Final Stages

Protip of the day: Drink water. ALL. THE. FUCKING. TIME.
During a fast you will need to stay hydrated in order to function; also, water will surpress your final stages of the false hunger. It’s the final day of hunger, stay strong.

Day 2 Fast Report:

Tuesday 23rd of October

Shit, I fucking hate 48 fasts; I can’t sleep for a long time and tonight was no exception.

The feeling of being tired and drained disappeared once my greens and coffee kicked in– seriously, where would humanity be without coffee? In the same cruel world the one without steak; damn I’m teasing myself, I keep seeing food everywhere.

Chugged down 1L of water to keep my hunger from popping out, ready to take on the day– piss marathons are to be expected.

“Bro, why are you writing in a monotone?”

Here’s a better question, why am I dialoguing with myself?
My creativity running off to Alice’s Wonderland; this is too awesome for writing.

All right, have nothing left to log: I’ll just have to go do my jump-rope then it’s off to train my clients.


I’m sooooooooooooo fucking exhausted, my energy is completley drained. Already am having a hard time recovering from my workouts and again, I keep doing more than I scheduled myself for—hell would have rained without the BCAA’s.

God bless you, Amino Acids.

The feeling of hunger is starting to slowly disappear and I’m forgetting to picture foods in my head.

Having already fasted 48hrs on numerous occasions, this is easier than it seems; it’s either that or knowing I’m only 48/180hrs in kills my hope of eating food anytime soon.

This mental clarity is getting to a crack level, my thoughts are crystal clear—now let’s get the focus on the same level.

I feel really weak; a fucking unborn baby has it’s shit more straight than me at the moment.

“You can do anything; all of the “barriers” are only in your head.”

Workouts: None

-25 minutes of Jump Rope
-Outside Jog, 6km

Stats for today:

Weight: 201lbs
Blood pressure:
– Systolic: 120
– Diastolic: 59
– Pulse: 51
Water Intake: 5.5L
Daily Vitamin Dosage:
-Greens : 2 scoops
1 dose Zinc 
1 dose Iron 
1 dose Vitamin D
-BCAA’s: 30g’s
-Fish Oil: 3g
AM: Take 1 scoop of greens, upon waking up, with 1 dosage of zinc, iron, vitamin d, 5gs of BCAA’s and 3g of Fishoil.
PM:Take 1 scoop of greens

NOTE: BCAA’s have to be spread-out through 6 doses of 5gs during the day; 2 hours minimum apart.


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Jumprope: Get one with weights. More weight, more calories burned!
Greens: Single and most important component of my fast. It gave me energy through-out the fast. Be sure to get your hands on one.
Vitamins: IronZinc, and Calcium are important to maintain your metabolism and immunity system in check. Especially good to get a clear skin as well.
BCAA’s: Very important to maintain a proper hormonal benefit. Also used to avoid losing muscle mass; losing fat to sacrifice muscle is a big no-no. Get yourself at least 2 bottles if you’re planning the whole 7day fast.
Fishoils: All the commercials you ever saw on OMEGA 3 did the explanation for me. Be sure to get your hands on some kirill oil; they’re 300% more efficient than the normal fish oils.