[Day 1] The 8 Days of Fasting & Training: An In-depth Towards a Complete Transformation

WARNING: The following journal is posted for informational purposes only. By no means is it meant for you to take it as an example towards a quick way of getting in shape; I’m an fitness professional and I’ve been carefully taking safety precautions to avoid deteriorating my health. Nonetheless, if you have been dieting for a while, and are familiar with Intermittent Fasting, I do sugest you embark on this experiment. It’s a complete game-breaker. Take the safety precautions by properly supplementing; you can find the ones I used at the end of this post. Also, good luck– you’ll need it.

Day 1

Arguing over my sanity:
Reasons to do the fast.

You may be wondering why the hell I put a disclaimer to avoid doing the fast, I constantly seem to argue that you should. During the entire journey, and due to all the attention my posts got on Facebook, I’ve been approached by an army-sized amount of people asking about the fasting’s diffuclty.

Of course, after a bit of consulting, I realized EVERY SINGLE FUCKING PERSON was looking at it as a solution to their weight problem.

Let me make this clear: It’s not a quick-fix!

Again, I repeat for the ignorant people not taking advice seriously: IT IS NOT A QUICK-FIX!

I hope the message stuck with permanent cement the M.I.B. couldn’t erase from your mind.

My journey was not about losing weight, but rather to see the effects of long-term fasting. Losing weight and slimming down was part of the process, but it was not my intentional goal.

Pushing my limits has always been a process of life that I seemed to embark on; I love challenge. There’s nothing more rewarding than going through all the struggle and coming out at the end victorious; you feel like the king of badasses.

Right now, I’m a complete badass.

“Paul, you’re soooo cocky!”

Relax dude, I’m kidding. I’m only like 75% badass.

Anyways, going beyond my own personal satisfaction, I was looking towards the effects of longterm fasting on the skin, hormonal responses, blood pressure, and energy levels during workouts; hence why I monitored myself constantly.

My supplements were key during my entire fast, I wanted this whole experience to be benficial; specially since since I actually work out like I was competing.  Evidently, they are all posted here.

“That makes sense, I didn’t know you were so ub3r nerdy!”

You are most flattering, dear bloggy-buddy.

Other than loving Star Wars, comics, and ninja defense planning,  I love teh science. I was the A grade student of most of my science classes, constantly looking into ways of using it to improve the life of those around me and myself—plus women love teh smarts—thus, I always do my research and look into the studies; more importantly, I test everything out to make sure I’m supporting false claims.

If you want to know the benefits that pushed me to take on this experiment, just read my blogpost:

All right, let’s get this started.

Quick Note: the experience is copied off my personal journal; the original form was kept. Some things may disturb, or turn you on; either way expect a lot of profanity, self-judgement, sex, and cute puppies.

Day 1:

Monday, September 22nd

Today marks the beginning of my fasting experiment; I feel fucking bloated.

Stuffing my face for two entire weeks was definetly a bad idea. I don’t even know if I’ll manage to cut everything I gained, but in the name of science, who the hell gives a shit?

I should do a double-check of everything before I start.

Organized my clients? Check. Water bottles? Check. Supplements?
-Fish Oil
All check.


Good, looks like everything is in order. By calculations, I need to double the dosage on the greens and keep a good 10g of BCAA’s every 2 hours—alarm clocks are set.

Meal prepared?

Damn you Paul, you are teh funnay onEz1.

Fishoils will remain at 3g per day; fuck that mega-dosing bullshit. Seriously, no scientific data to back it up. I’ll go workout after my new client, James. He looke’d like a cool dude, another puke session is in order.

Just noticed; using my breakfast time, makes this so much easier to note down, constantly switching from word to 9gag is not helping tough.

Wait, why did I even write about breakfast? Now my stomach is growling for food.

Fuck you dude, we got another 169 hours left to go, you won’t piss me off now.

All right, let’s leave for work.


Such an epic day; I can’t even fall asleep from the exitment.

My fanpage finally hit 1000 likes and I didn’t hit a workout so hard in a while. I’d celebrate with a beer right now; guess I’ll add that to my to do list once all this is over.

The FatGripz totally destroyed my grip; I can’t even hold my fingers straight. Was pretty skeptic about them at first, but seeing my deadlift going down from 565lbs down to 350lbs and 250lbs at my final set, it is noted: FatGripz for all!

My weight this morning was at 205lbs, considering I took a shit before actually going there, I gotta admit I became a fatty (sadface).

Judging from the 72 hour fasting experience with John, Rog, and Neghar, I should be at 200lbs 3 days from now. Actually, the scale should be less; I didn’t workout out that time, did I? Fuck, this is going to be epic.

My hydration point was in check, 6L was enough for today. Bringing in all the supplements definetly helped my energy levels; there was no regular energy crash, just a nice flow that transferred to my clients. Really am proud of the way they’re killing themselves.

Sneaking in that arms workout session completely destroyed me. I should have stuck to the original AM/PM plan; but FUCK IT.

“You want to be the best, or considered part of the best; you gotta work like you’re one one of them.”

Read, re-read, repeat until it’s imprinted in your mind, Paul–plus bishes love them curls.

All right, late night yoga session and time to finish Leader’s Aesthetics final touches.

End of Day 1

Stats for Day 1

Weight: 205lbs
Blood pressure:
-Systolic: 116
-Diastolic: 58
-Pulse: 58
Daily Vitamin Dosage:
-Greens : 2 scoops
1 dose Zinc 
1 dose Iron 
1 dose Vitamin D
-BCAA’s: 30g’s
-Fish Oil: 3g
AM: Take 1 scoop of greens, upon waking up, with 1 dosage of zinc, iron, vitamin d, 5gs of BCAA’s and 3g of Fishoil.
PM:Take 1 scoop of greens

NOTE: BCAA’s have to be spread-out through 6 doses of 5gs during the day; 2 hours minimum apart.

Fasting Workout Program
Monday Log 

Full Body workout

Perform Circuit A with no breaks between exercises, 30-45seconds between breaks for a total of 4 sets. Rest 120seconds after final set then proceed to circuit B

Perform Circuit B with 10-20second breaks between exercises with 90 second break between sets for a total of 5 sets. After the final set, run towards the bathroom, puke, then stretch for 5-10minutes.

Notes: FatGripz only used with Deadlifts today.

Cardio log

The Fasting Week Workout Schedule:


Simply click on the links for anything you need. I tried to find the best offers for anybody looks to get their hands on it.
Fatgripz : Dopest forearm development tool, ever. I just fell in love with them. If you’re a dude, they are must have.
Jumprope: Get one with weights. More weight, more calories burned!
Greens: Single and most important component of my fast. It gave me energy through-out the fast. Be sure to get your hands on one.
Vitamins: Iron, Zinc, and Calcium are important to maintain your metabolism and immunity system in check. Especially good to get a clear skin as well.
BCAA’s: Very important to maintain a proper hormonal benefit. Also used to avoid losing muscle mass; losing fat to sacrifice muscle is a big no-no. Get yourself at least 2 bottles if you’re planning the whole 7day fast.
Fishoils: All the commercials you ever saw on OMEGA 3 did the explanation for me. Be sure to get your hands on some kirill oil; they’re 300% more efficient than the normal fish oils.