7 Reasons Why Intermittent Fasting Completely Destroys the Living Crap Out of Other Diets and Makes Your Life More Awesome

It would be a far-fetched statement to claim that Intermittent Fasting (IF) is the best diet out there; but having experimented countless amounts of dieting methods over the years, I have came to the conclusion that, by personal preference, other diets suck balls in comparison.

A lot of my time has been spent during the past months analyzing studies conducted on IF; all the found empirical evidence pointed towards one thing: it’s fucking awesome.

I know most people out there don’t actually give a shit about their health—I’ll leave the other fitness professionals do the preaching—so I decided to go against tradition and mention some other fun benefits that will make you want to start living a part-time anorexia lifestyle.

#1- Visine-Clear Thinking & Imagination Overload

As I’m sitting down writing this post, my mind is going through the biggest euphoria of clarity I have ever experienced; five days have past since my last meal—if you don’t count the nails chewed to suppress my hunger attacks— and I still got two to go.

The reasons behind the fast, and full report on its journey, will be written in the near future; for now, I can only tell you that birds aren’t fly enough to experience my high—that’s an ebonics metaphor.

I feel free.

No stress, no worries, no rush of anger because some asshole is using the squat rack for curls, I’m completely zen.  Imagine being on Xanax 24/7, Intermittent Fasting shares similar effects on your mood—not saying I know how Xanax feels or anything.

The reasons behind are simple: IF increases neuronal plasticity and promotes neurogenesis; translation from nerd-language, you’re going to grow new brain cells and become ub3r smart.

Experimenting with different IF methods such as 16/8, Eat Stop Eat, and The Warrior Diet, Renegade Diet, and many others, lead me to discover this mental cleargasm; some of my gamebreaking ideas spore out while I was fasting.

Of course, during my time with the Warrior Diet, I was experiencing a feeling closer to death than clarity. I can honestly admit switching directly from 6 meals a day, to only 1 meal, was a novice mistake from my side, but I still managed to complete 8 weeks of torture. My superhero confidence needs to be backed up through experience.

Once you break the “too hungry to move” barrier, you will feel a rush of relaxed energy and imagination.

In consequence, conversations become easier, anxiety disappears, and you feel more intact with your true self; adding cardio and mixing-in coffee only gives a steroid-like effect to your thinking pattern.

I wish I could give you an alternative, but no other diet brought me to that state before; the closest paleo did, on the other hand, was the complete opposite.

Intermittent Fasting – 1
Other diets – 0

#2- Less Hungry, More Productive, & Meal Planning Becomes Kitchen Fun-Time

The one major problem I had with my meal organization during my first competition prep, was the organization itself.

It blew ass!

Taking the time to cook, assort, zip-lock, and store 42 meals for the week, took around 5-6 hours of my Sundays; that’s four episodes of Ed, Edd n Eddy, two of Dragon Ball Z, three How I Met Your Mother, and a full-length horribly acted porno about a mother teaching her daughter that having sex with prison guards on field-trips is bad—of course having sex with the prison guard will teach her a valuable lesson—all missed by spending time in the kitchen.

It’s not worth it; every single second of your life counts.

To make matters worst, I’m a big eater, thus 6 small meals per day made the fatty inside me cry to sleep every night. I was trapped in a suffering box and I kept beating myself up to the thought that diets are meant to improve your life, not limit them.

Enter the IF solution.

If you’re cutting down to only 1-3 meals a day, you’ll require bigger dishes to fit your macronutrient count. Most of the inner-fatty issues are fixed since you’re constantly full and blasting with energy; take note that will only happen if you’re eating all of your pr0tz and vegies—momma didn’t bullshit you there.

But that’s not even the interesting part!

Take a second and think about how many times a day you eat a “small something”; how many of them happened because you had nothing better to do? Most likely, it happens a lot; it’s crazy how much time we fill-in with food.

No matter how much you’ll deny it, you will come to one conclusion: we’re fucking spoiled animals!

Since we’re surrounded by an abundance of food, from our childhoods we’re conditioned to fill our mouths with junk at any given times, especially during relaxing moments.

Prove my point; start fasting now and try watching a movie a couple hours later; you will mentally torture yourself to suppress the need for a snack.

When you’ll start incorporating a food-neglecting pattern for 16-24hours a day, you’ll find more time to fill in a productive way, doing otherwise will screw-up your diet. The useless need to eat, for me, was replaced with cardio, writing, and anything else that could benefit from the previous mentioned genius rooting, pushing my game to the next level.

My business grew, my aesthetics improved, and I saved more money by using my creativity to go on dates that required no consumption of caloric goods—bishes love creative dates.

Intermittent Fasting requires minimal organization; if you have a meal plan set up, you can arrange your eating window to fit accordingly to the best “you” time available.

If you have three meals to plan, your attention spam is capable of watching a movie, dancing to Marvin Gaye; all while preparing a gourmet dish—burned meals are entirely your fault if you’re a multi-tasking screw up.

Seriously, I never grew as much as I did before incorporating fasting.  During these past 2 years, IF took my game to the next level and it’s a big reason why I seem to be so productive.

Having a dietary freedom pushes me to maintain it as a lifestyle. I’m perfectly fine binging off and feeding for a whole week on junk; I’ll get back to clean eating in no time; also the massive calorie deficit gets my results back as well.
That’s what I call real freedom.

My clients experienced the same liberty ever since they incorporated the methods; cutting down the daily complaint texts of “lack of time” made me happy. Not only, but the flexability boosted up their success rates—successful clients is what makes me a successful coach.

It takes only 3-4 weeks to fully adapt to the diet pattern and embrace it for its full benefits, by the time you realize the change, you have achieved too much to stop.

Self-improvement is crack and a point goes to our dealer.

If- 2
Other Diets – 0

#3- Shredded & Toned Body Beauty Enhancer

Simply put, IF is the best method to shred fat while gaining muscle.

Some fitness professionals will agree, others won’t; having worked for my clients, and myself, I can only continue supporting the approach. It’s all in the method of approach.

Also, combined with the right nutrition, supplements, and Greens, fasting will beautify the skin.

Research demonstrated that Intermittent Fasting acts to turn on the genetic gear—directed by the previously mentioned Human Growth Hormone—that enhances cell rejuvenation; also, it’s worth mentioning that human growth hormone takes part in the fat loss and muscle growth process.

Two-for-one deals baby!

Again, with the proper regimen, you can use IF to enhance your skin glow, leave it silky smooth and actually grow you hair thicker and stronger—it’s essentially what I used to created the regimen behind Leader’s Aesthetics.

Most people aren’t aware the importance of having those benefits, but I’ll quote my good bud, Andrew Edwards, since he summed up clearly al the reasons behind my creations in one statement.

“Being good-looking isn’t important; however, being really, really, ridiculously good-looking, now that’s a different story.”

Don’t get me wrong; I’m not a superficial, selfish person.  The story of stumbling upon my product’s methods is actually an embarrassing one, but to sum it up, it came from the insecurities of my past.

My life changed in numerous ways, all for the best, just because of my newfound aesthetics; I knew the world could benefit from something like this, but the need to fill the world with eye candy, which are toned, sexy, and beautiful people, was my main motivation—ok, that does make me a superficial selfish bastard, but it benefits each and everyone of you, so you can forgive can forgive me for that one.

Most people try to deny it, because they think you cannot ever change the way you look. It’s false, you cannot become a Greek God of aesthetics, all tough, the best version of yourself is further than your imagination can grasp.

If we’re going beyond looks, I can personally tell you that the confidence from your good looks spreads into the remaining areas of your life. Every relationship interaction, business opportunity, and debate you will encounter, will improve.

That means your happiness boosts, performance increases, and intermittent fasting gains another point.

3-0 here.

#4- Cash Flow

Aside from paying your bills, being the root of all evil, and the rain falling over strippers, more money in your pockets is part of the bigger reasons why IF is the badass of diets.

The problem with alternative diets, to those not following extreme regimens, is spending a lot of money eating out since you’re not carrying around a transformers lunchbox everywhere you go; however, it would be really kick-ass if you did.

Personally, my eating windows are found within hours that I know I’m at home, or over at somebody that I can use their fridge for my feasting purposes. That means I was spending less for preparation, more on enjoyment.

Intermittent Fasting provides moderation.

If you take the time to calculate all the money spent eating out, compared to eating at home, you will find a good sum difference. Going to restaurants and treating yourself is key to maintaining your sanity, but it should be done on occasions—everyday is not your birthday.

Respecting a moderation rule, cash flow drastically increases.

I’m all about making people feel good, thus spoiling myself, loved ones, and prospective wild romances, became easier and that forged happiness deep inside my soul.

Combined with more time spent on the grind, IF brought me a better income, and brought upon itself another point.


#5- The Magic Cure For Hangovers

Remember that wild night where you ended up puking all over the place, including your hot partner’s shoes, waking up the next morning wanting to kill yourself?

Of course you do.

After you messaged all your friends to remove the pictures off facebook, what did you do? Went for breakfast, right?


It’s a normal reflex, and having been there before, I know it didn’t help. You still felt disgusting in your body; your head hurt like you were banging it constantly against the wall, and your closest relatives to your energy levels was a sloth.

Fasting, on the other hand, takes care of the zombie-day symptoms. Seriously.

Next time you’re hungover, buy a gallon of water, prepare for the hardest 20 minutes of your life, and run. By the time you’re done, you will be back to near-optimum performance.

I rarely drink these days, but knowing my birthday is approaching, I know IF got me covered— here’s another homie-point because you’re fucking awesome.


#6- Sex Performance Super Booster

I used to claim my 6-meals a day dieting benefited my sex-life, but holy fucking shit, I never even came close to experiencing my optimum performance before incorporating IF.

This definitely has to be one of the top reasons I love this lifestyle. Short-term fasting induces growth hormone secretion and combined with weightlifting, testosterone production increases as well.

HGH and Testosterone combined creates an erotic elixir that boosts sex performance and enjoyment through the roof.

Guys get to keep a strong boner for longer periods of time, and girls are turned on more easily; the relaxation induced by fasting will also allow women to reach orgasms quicker and explore a deeper emotional connectivity during sex. Combine everything aforementioned with the indulgent of creativity, and hot; dirty sex will rain upon this planet.

Sexually satisfied people = World Peace.

Intermittent Fasting wins another point here and the Nobel Peace prize
On a more serious note, any human being embracing their sexual nature should definitely make the switch.

IF: 6
OD: 0

#7- Easy as Pie 

Compared to what most people think, Intermittent Fasting is not hard; most panic to the thought of abandoning food for 8 hours, but I have to remind you that it’s all in your head.

Growing up as a child, I ate my anxiety away. Every day, I’d have to eat at least every 30 minutes to 1 hour; the need controlled me. I remember in junior high school we had this dumbass rule that you cannot eat in class, of course I always broke it and ended up eating detentions.
Eventually, I took it up to the principle and convinced them I was messed up in the head and would feel like my world collapsed if I did not eat; boom,that won me a pass and free food from my fellow students.

When I first started dieting, eating every 2 hours scared me, it was not enough, but I laid my cochones on the table and just did it. When I’d forget my food, I was complaining of headaches, low energy, and inability of focus.

By now, we clearly see a pattern that we need food to survive, function, and think properly; our ancestors clearly bullshitted us into thinking they passed days without food and clearly it’s impossible. What a bunch of lying complainers!

Sarcasm ends here.

Today marks my 7th day without touching food, I’m still contemplating if I should push my fast to 14 days or not; I don’t feel hunger, at all.

I’m not anorexic, I’m not a superhuman, and clearly, I’m not a secret agent—yet—I’m a human being just like you <brofistbump> You have to realize that fasting is incredibly easy if you manage to break your food addiction; it all comes down to liberating yourself of boredom.

We are animals. We did pass days without eating. We are made to endure such stress. We are fucking awesome.

Think of your fear for a second and realize, will you remain without food forever? No,you will eat again, and you will survive. Keep in mind the benefits and you will make it.

Let’s revise just a few of the benefits:

  • Aesthetic Figure
  • Creative genius
  • HGH, IGF, and Testosterone secretion
  • Insulin sensitivity
  • Natural food patterns incorporations
  • Time & money gained
  • Sexual performance increase
  • etc..

Evidently, some of them co-relate, but it’s so much easier to grasp when it’s broken down into simple form. The best part, you don’t even need to fast for 7 days to gain them, a simple regular 16-hour fast will have the same effect and turn you into a badass.

Being mentioned before, it takes only 3-4 weeks to fully adapt to the fast. That’s working only a month for a life-long time of fun, or until the next dietary breakthrough. Even then, you will only grow, so why the hell not.

Nonetheless, it’s easy as 3.14159; speaking of which, it’s an easy diet knowing that you can eat pie and go through the next day not worrying about your body fat percentage.

Since I love pie and waffles, IF gains another point and wins the game with a 7-0 streak.

Awesomely Awesome Resource Links to Get You Started Towards Intermittent Fasting:

Below you will find some resource links to get you started on Intermittent Fasting; each and every one of them is there because I have bought them and tested/reviewed it myself.

Other than showing how easy it is to fast, they go in-depth towards making it as healthy and beneficial as possible; I don’t want anybody hanging on the fine line of doing good and complete chaos to their bodies, thus I only recommended what I thought was the best.

Oh, also, for the sake of honesty, I have to mention that they’re all affiliation links, but helping me make a buck for helping you by referring you the best and most awesome of resources, that I guinea pigged myself, it makes it a fair deal —profits will go to finance my post-7day meal and my future collections of baby turtles.

Look at them, how can you not want one?

Just click on the name, or picture, you are interested in and you can decided where to go from there. 

  • Fat Loss Forever: As the name implies it, my fitness buddies, Roman & Dan, created an awesome product on how to make fasting a lifestyle. The informational overflow probably killed this whole book; different variation of diets ranging from 16/8 to Warrior diet made it easy and enjoyable to experience all kind of fasting methods. Also, they make it really easy to understand why fasting is badass and you’ll fall in love like a 14yr with it.  Workout wise, they incorporated some fun workouts to get you started and challenging enough to be soaked in love endorphins.  It’s definitely one of my top recommendations.=============================================================================24/7 Fat Loss: having all types of diet systems combined such as intermittent fasting, carb loading, cheat days, and high protein together into one system, makes it a main reason why it’s included in my resources; that gives you a good chance to see what else is out there and have a workout program to incorporate your results. Also, Joel and Craigfilled it up with resource goodies that even a monkey can absorb.=======================================================
  • Eat Stop Eat: perfect for those people who need a simple and effective plan. Brad Pilon laid out the benefits of intermittent fasting simple explanation and that gives you reason enough to start loving it; my top choice for beginners and people that never tried dieting before.


  • The Renegade Diet:definitely one of my bigger recommendations and fit for the lifters out there looking to pack muscle. Jason Ferruggia has a writing style that makes everything sound so easy; testing it out myself I can say it’s a breeze to stick; clear explanations and incorporations of cheat days gives it a pro-props.
  • Myself: since I didn’t release Leader’s Aesthetics yet, I’ll mention that I’m an ub3r duper fasting exp3rt and finally got my workload reduced to be able to take on 3 more coaching clients. Of course, this is the best way to get started towards pure results, but I’d like to mention I’m really picky with my clients and take-on only those who want nothing but results.

That pretty much sums up everything; drop a comment below if you got any questions, other suggestion, or reasons why you think IF is badass—if you can’t be bothered, here’s an internet High-Five for being awesome and reading my post.