First Impression Determines Everything – Truths & Myths of a Leader’s Aesthetics Chronicles –

It’s tough being a guy living with aesthetics.

People treat you like you’re a God, girls harass your phone all day and sometimes you’ll be put on the radar for some crazy opportunities that the Average Joe just never seems to appear on.

Who the hell in the world would even want to live a life like that?!

As I’m holding the laughter I provoked upon myself from the previous statement, trying to save myself from chocking on my almonds (shit is addictive mayne), I gotta start admitting I’m fairly new to this kind of lifestyle.

If you could ask any of my friends and social circle what I looked as a child, they could ALL tell you that I was one ugly muddafucka.

That’s right, I know some of you thought: “NO WAY!  I’m sure you were the son of Aphrodite and you’re just filling us with bullshit!”

Nope. True story.

While I do think that my momma is the most beautiful woman in the world – she is not a Greek Godess and I was one ugly human which up to the age of 13, thought was really a mutant that slipped through a wormhole from a comic book.

That’s even a better true story.

As a kid and early teenager, I had enough fat to feed a village of cannibals, acne so bad that would put the Hawaii Volcanoes in competition; and my skin&hair was so dry that you could swear my  genetics were ascending from a ghost-town haystack.

Not knowing that I could do anything about this, I continuously developed my intellectual side, which in return served me for the best. I’m probably a bit screwed in the head too for growing up as a social reject, but all successful people seem a bit screwed up to me.

Same goes for aethetics with no engine.

As time came to be, I started noticing that having a developed mind without a developed body is like having an 1000hp 2JZ-GTE engine with a GT42R turbo without having the car that would actually have the frame to support it – or something like that. I’m actually horrible with car specs and it’s something I’m starting to learn about to add up to my manliness, so just imagine having an amazingly awesome engine that goes CAPLOW VROUM VROUM and no car to put it to use… actually… ARGG, never mind, you get the drift!

Anyways, I was a nerdy kid. I spent my days playing video games, reading mangas and most of my clothes were 10$ clothing found at WalMart. They were all picked based on what I felt comfortable and the colours usually were something that pleased my eyes and reflected my state of the moment.

No decisions were based on the type of clothing that would fit me well, what would point out certain points of my characters or personality.

Clothes were just an utility for not walking around naked.

Afterwards, when high school came, I noticed that people with certain style got more attention, fit-in better and were more respected – of course, I wanted that.

I started started out by analyzing the style of popular kids in my early high school days and went through a few years through experimenting all kind of swaggers.

I went from g-unit baggy clothes to preppy and all the way to skaterboy (ironic that I didn’t skate, only digged the style) –  In the end I mixed everything I learned and created my own flavor.

Slowly, I noticed change.

The way people started communicating with me, the way people treated me and the way I got attention really improved in a dramatical way.

That really introduced me into the importance of understanding social dynamics and helped me develop a good network. Not only did that help my dating scene and getting myself some action, but I started noticing it’s an area of life that needed to be developed if I wanted to reach my full potential.

It always seems like it’s a secret!

Short said, I realized your first impression determines everything!

People who go on about beauty “is all about the inside” and “you should just stop focusing on your  image and just go out there and be the best you can” are filled with CRAP!

I do agree to an extent that you should REALLY work on your personality, developing your intelligence on all aspects and being comfortable in any social situation, but neglecting your image that you bring to the world is not really being the best you can.

Here’s an example for you.

I have met, spoken to and even had the pleasure of hanging out with a lot of hobos. Yes, I’m weird like that, but they are some of the most fascinating people out there. Some are amazingly smart and funny chaps, but would most of you actually pay attention to them and do something like that? I’d bet my last dollar you wouldn’t.

The way you present yourself to the world is going to determine how would someone adapt their mental frame with you.

Think about how you would react to the first interaction with a rich guy that was in an amazing shape, wearing a fited Armani suit, had a warm smile that just came out of brand new Mercedes-Benz CLS in comparaison to a McDonald’s Employee that has oily skin, hair messed up and wouldn’t smile that much because they hate their job, employer and pretty much everything that has to do in their life.

You know somebody who’s living their dream will get a better reaction from a lot of people. Either what value their word has to how much trust you’re willing to put in them, it all has to do with their image.

Being Clooney or on the cover of Esquire surely helps as well.

Some people would think that image is all about aesthetics and presentation – FALSE!

An image has to do with everything from your vibe, pleasure in your own life all the way down to the way you dress.

Image is your all-around life spectrum.

If you want to be the best you can possibly be, you should at least give the best image you can. That means working on both your mental and your physical.

Neglecting one or the other will have a massive impact on the way others will perceive you and treat you. It doesn’t matter how much of a bad-ass you are in your own mind, you have to stand against the challenges of the world to prove it.

That means:
– Reading and learning constantly.
– Incorporate daily beauty development and upkeep routines.
– Diet & workout to reach an appealing physique.
– Surround yourself in life by what makes you happy.
– Chasing after your dreams and crush everything that stands in front of them.

All the factors mentioned above is what separates the leaders from the followers and will determine the quality of life that you will lead.

The leaders know that managing all those aspects is not easy – it’s actually hard work. But they are willing to put it in because they know it pays off in the end.

Those who know, Arnold brought more accomplishments than most would dream.

The sacrifices and long hours of labours will bring a fruitful and worth-telling story about your life.

My journey was not easy, I spent sleepless nights and countless hours learning about each subject and invested a lot of work to bring myself to a respectable leveled life.

I had friends, teachers and mentors that helped me get there and I owe them an undying gratitude for getting me to the level at which I sit on today. Some of the people whom had the biggest impact on the direction of my life, I have not met them in person… YET!

The importance is that each and everyday I still continue to push them even more. If you truly care about living the life you want, you should do the same and not have shame in seeking out somebody who has been there before.

I’m even more grateful that I woke up to this during my early teenage years and have a lot of time to fuck-up, learn from it and repeat until I succeed. That fact put me years ahead of my older brethren , many which just started figuring that fact or still are unaware of this fact. Most of them won’t have the same energy or life placed in order to fully exploit their desires.

Even tough all these subjects will be included in my book (I know the anticipation to get your hands on it is skyyy-highhh, but you need to wait for all good things in life), during this chronicle, I will give some info & teach some of the guys out there what took me years to learn:
– Proper Skin Care
– Grooming & Importance to Aesthetics
– Basics of Style and Flavour
– and maybe some other things

You know it’s going to be banging, but right now, just remember it’s never to late to start change.

Do it now – you always end up forgetting to make the change tomorrow!