Lose 21lbs in 6weeks! – PART TWO: Fitness MMORPG – The Evolution of the Novice Class.

This is a follow up of “PART ONE: Fitness MMORPG – The Evolution of the Novice Class.”  <– Make sure you read it first before reading part TWO.

We covered the basic knowledge of a novices quest towards upgrading in the Fitness MMORPG world.

I’m pretty sure some of you went nuts at the sight of the special skills each specialization has and left you shouting all over the place:

Hold your mounts n00b!

Before you can become a specialized pro-pvp’er and get those skills in, it’s time to put in the work to get there or you going to get annihilated & banned from the server.

As a Guild-Master of Wolf-Pack F.S. , I want all my guild members to be the ultimate pwning machines so we can take over THE WHOLE SERVER!

I’m giving out to the newcomers on the Fitness Server a FULL foundation and Fatloss Program, which also includes a supplements guide and nutritional basics  to get you started and help you decide what’s the best way to reach towards your specialization.

We’re going to build the Ultimate Guild!

I know, I’m such an awesome guild master, but before you send in your marriage proposals and shower me with gifts (you can start by liking my fanpage), go right now and find yourself a Gym to sign up!

You know I had to post a picture of VGym somewhere.

Guidelines for picking a Gym

If you’re in the Montreal area and want an amazing gym downtown, you can come and workout with the Wolf-Pack crew at our headquarters situated at VGym!


If you’re not, you might want to look for a gym that has the following:
1. Awesome workout ambiance
2. Wide range of equipment and weights.
3. Friendly and involved staff
When you got those three criteria in order, you will start feeling the love for the game and make your experience transitioning from n00b to m4ster one of the best known to the existence in man-kind.

1.Awesome workout ambiance

Now this is somewhere I’d LOVE to do cardio. And some other stuff… Ok, not really, I’d end up partying after.

The ambiance in a gym is everything. It will determine if you’re going to achieve that last heavy rep that you’ve been working ages to hit; or get that motivation to cut your breaks in half and push the intensity harder to the next level leaving you dying in your own vomit.

I hated most commercial gyms out there just for the simple fact that they put on the radio, left boring tv stations on with the cardio machines and the boring colors transitioned into my workouts and made them boring thus giving me boring and crappy results.

Fuck those gyms.

If you want to level your char to the best possible stats, you need to workout in the best atmosphere possible.

Imagine playing Super Mario Bros (original SNES version) and during the whole game you had Celine Dion’s “My Heart Will Go” (from Titanic) play in replay. Not only I’d smash my tv, throw it out the balcony and set it on fire; most likely I’d never want to play that game again.

Go out and find a gym with a cool atmosphere. Capiche? Good – next.

I don’t know how a dumbbell could be fascinating without a camera focus. Stop staring at it and go pick it up!

2. Wide range of equipment and weights.

Nothing pisses me off more than having to find variables or alternatives to exercises because a gym doesn’t supply it.

When it comes to my clients and myself, I usually (insert non-vulgar that replaces the word “masturbate” here)  to the genius workouts I created and want to apply it A to Z.

I turn improvisation in a GOD-MODE level if the equipment is taken since I don’t like to waste their time nor mine, but not having the equipment necessary to perform it can seriously piss me off.

That happened before last year when I went to a client’s gym for a quick off-schedule workout session in a Gold’s gym and the presence of a pec-deck station was absent. Seriously, a gym without a Pec-Deck station?

The manager claimed the shipment for it was late, but the gym being already a year old gave me the knowledge that he was seriously bullshitting.

I never set foot in that gym again.

3. Friendly and involved staff 

This kind of staff.

Speaking of lying managers, the staff probably has to be the most important part while looking for a gym.
Having a staff that actually do gives a damn about your success is like having Grandma’s home baked cookies – it will always give you that boost when your day just ain’t going good.

How nice does it feel when you struggled and forced yourself to go to the gym after a long day’s work and being welcomed with a smile and being g asked what’s going on in your life and the person genuinely cares?

Motivation comes rushes back. Right?

Of course.

Most of the commercial Gyms out there have people working in them as a temporary job; either be it as a student part time job or something until they find a job that pays them a little more.

They don’t have time to form a family bond since staff gets hired and fired all the time, in and out. They don’t get involved because they only been assigned one specific plans and do not take part of the bigger picture.

Want it or not, those factors will influence the customer service and will not advantage you at all.

That’s why I love Private-owned Gyms and Personal Training Studios.

The staff is usually involved in the whole thing, they put their heart to your success and when they hire somebody they keep them for a very very long time thus making the whole team be a close family.

That rubs off into your training.

When you will have people come asking you if you want a towel after you drowned in your high intensity training sweat, or ask if you needed some advice when you give off that “not too sure what I’m doing” face, you will get an extra boost to kill your training and level up.
Also I can’t prove it, but Private-Owned gyms have the sexiest staff alive. It’s science.

Ermm… I didn’t mean this kind of seal

If I review real quick VGym, it gets the Wolf-Pack Seal of Approval since we don’t have to worry about any of those facts because:

1- The ambiance is covered with being the first gym in the world introducing a nightclub concept to a gym. There’s something about colourful lights with awesome music that doesn’t destroy your ears which takes off the annoyance of a normal night club and gives you a being alive feeling.

2- The equipment placement has been structured, ordered and placed by the son of a professional bodybuilders, the son of a world-champion boxer and a retired professional body builder.

3- Staff wise, they’re all working together to create one mind, one family and make sure that everybody, including the clients, are involved in the whole movement.

Vgym & Wolf-Pack F.S. bonded into a family and make sure everybody is part of it.

We’re not leaving anybody unsatisfied since clients are not numbers, they are people and we treat them like we wanted to be treated.

We push to exceed expectations by doing the extra work most gyms don’t even want to invest doing to ensure a trainees success. We have the experience of crappy gyms so we worked around to build the best one available.

Those are some of the main reasons I established the Wolf-Pack HQ there and hooking up the Wolf-Pack Members with discounts for the place.

Everybody that wants serious results is welcome. You can get more info below then contact me if you want some hook-ups:

If you’re out of the area, just remember to look for those 3 key points and you’re good to start your quests.

Coach mode activated

Starting out Program Towards Class-Change

If you read the previous article “PART ONE: Fitness MMORPG – The Evolution of the Novice Class“, you should know that you need to be working on limit strength when you start out.

Most of the unexperienced trainers out there would love to put you on high intensity workouts right ahead to get you feeling you’re getting somewhere, but they’re seriously going to slow down your results.

Good for them, bad for you.

First, you’ll be over-hyped at the fact you’re sweating meaning “ZOMG!!1!, I’m loosing weight!” thus you’ll want to keep the trainer and sign up a long term plan flooding him with money when your end results will be from medium to average.

Second, how can you teach somebody proper form when they’re going at 1000mph movements?

You just can’t.

I cringe at the sight of people trying out advanced workouts when I clearly see they are not in the proper fitness level and cringe even more at the sight of horrible form. Not only will their results be slow-coming, but the risk of injury are going to make them wish they never touched the weight in the first place.

I want you guys to have LONG-TERM results, develop a passion for fitness and constantly evolve, thus meaning we will be focusing on building up the foundations at first. 

Trust me, even with slow build-in’s, my client’s know how rough it is. Usually they will send me a hate message that makes me smile of how sore they are, but two weeks later when results already start kicking in to a good level, they know why they got an Elite Coach and get more than what they paid for.

They fall in love with training and it seriously changes their whole life.

Don’t take my word for it here’s a small quick text that it’s not rare to receive:

Translation: I’m dating him that’s all (blank) since you started training me, I’m dating f#cking hoooooootttttttt guys.

(I took out the name and a small part of the message for since she wanted to keep her privacy and in case I have anybody under 18 reading it *wink wink*)

Even with my distance trainee’s it’s easy to keep them on when you’re dealing through systematic procedures to get them fast and concrete results.

My Wolf-Pack trainee, international DeeJay and good friend Dj Plink , considering he’s a tad lazy on replying back, he made my day with this message:

“Sup man!!! I just read the email and document!! Very pertinent and great content. I love how you use humor as well. Honestly great motivation guys!!!! Im in love with Wolf-Pack! I will start this plan next monday. For now ill work out the one I have. Thanks a ton!!!”

I wonder how some guys can trust trainers like those.

How many people have you known getting passionate about their fitness level with the workouts they found in a magazine? Close to zero or none at all and it’s because guys are taking routines that are made for experienced body builders routines.

It takes more than just half the commitment and no experience in the gym before to perform them.

What about with the training from their average Joe trainer in your local gym? I’m betting you can tell that it’s not a lot and that’s because they didn’t design them proper workouts to build them in to evolve to the next step.
Aside from neglecting the previously mentioned statements, those resources probably dont offer the much needed motivation or care for your success as well.

I rest easy knowing those guys clients aren’t gonna get to the same level of fitness (and probably not be as good-looking) as Wolf-Pack F.S.  trainees since all of my clients passed through the painful period of individually tailored workout programs and periodization to concrete their foundations and advance beyond their expectations.

Even if I tried, I simply can’t tailor all of my readers workouts to an individual level to get you all to MAXIMAL PERFORMENCE level.

Doing all the assessments necessary would take ageeeessssssss and GM needs to focus on taking over the server with the empire guaiss.

Also I just don’t believe that people need to pay to learn the basics of fitness.

Seriously, our human duties are to help one and other, most fitness pros know that teaching the basics is not that hard.

Our time is valuable, yes, thus if you sign up for a coaching program you will have to pay up. 

But myself, have a strong value of training those who already have a good basics and want to get to the next level.

I don’t want to go over and over the basics of training and nutrition.
I don’t want to stop every 3 reps because the trainees bodies aren’t used to the pain.
I don’t want to keep reminding them why fried food is bad for their health and weightloss goals.

I just want action!

You will learn why I posted this picture in the document I supplied.

Since you are the future of the Wolf-Pack empire I’m giving you for absolutely free my tested and proven Complete Step-by-Step 21lbs in 6-weeks Fat Loss Program named “Building the Leader”.

If you follow the program from A to Z, you will build a foundation, build strength and shatter your fat loss goal ALL AT THE SAME TIME.

This is the most advanced beginners guide to start yourself in the fitness world and bring it to the next level. Even the people that thought they knew the basics will learn something in this and make it a challenge. 

Normally people in a gym would have to pay over 100$ just to get the workout side of this manual – they would probably not achieve as much results either. 

I have personally used this program myself and some of my clients as well to help them lose up to 21LBS!


I’m not kidding when I’m saying I want to create the ULTIMATE GUILD. 

Server ennemies beware!

You can go ahead and grab it on the link below which includes:

  1.  The Complete Program Manual: 

    -The Workout Programming

    -Complete Nutrition Programming

    -Supplement Programming 

    -Some cool motivational pictures I put in there for the sake of making you get off your chair and start doing it. 

  2. Workout Sheets

  3. Workout Schedule


What are you waiting for? Download it and get started!

Nobody has done this before: a COMPLETE system to get a sexy look, shred that fat and keep it off while making it ABSOLUTELY FREAKKIN FREE.

This will be the closest thing to getting a personal trainer for free so make sure you are following the program from A to Z.

The best part? Not only will you lose all that fat, you’ll keep it off because you will know how to!


You can sign up to my email newsletter which will come up in a few days if you want to keep the motivation, or like my FB fanpage as well.

I’m always posting stuff that destroys the bullshit the whole industry feeds you and giving you an extra boost for the day. Sometimes I’ll even post my personal workout challenges to keep you guys running.

Whats the catch? There is none.

The only thing I ask in return is for you to send me your success story once you’re finished the program. I always enjoy reading the stories behind the people I helped change.

Plus, I know if you stick to the program you will get just amazing results and tell your friends all about it.

It’s a win-win situation

If you got any questions go ahead and send me a message on my fanpage, you know I’ll try my best to help you out.

Time to evolve young n00bie.
Forever grinding,