PART ONE: Fitness MMORPG – The Evolution of the Novice Class.

Fitness is an RPG game.

Scratch that. Fitness is an MMORPG game.

Ok, maybe to me it is – but I got very good reasons behind to back it up.

You see, when I was a kid, I used to be an obsessive-compulsive RPG player. I used to fake staying in home sick just so I could play Diablo II until I maxed out every char on every single combination of spells and abilities possible.

Later on, I saw that ze poke-e-manz came out for emulators on PC and my heart was going insane because I was too poor to afford a Gameboy back in the days (insert  awesome self-pitty moment here).  That resulted in me spending 18 hours a day in front of a computer developing the ultimate team.  Protip: Snorlax is a must have in the blue/red/yellow generation.

Those were only examples because Mario, Ragnarok Online, Warcraft, Starcraft, Final Fantasy etc… had the same effect when I started playing them.

Good thing that behavior happened in cycles and it stopped once I achieved all my ultimate goals in them. But yeah, recalling those moments made me realize I’m a big nerd.

Now why am I stating that fitness is an RPG game?

It just is.

If you really think about it, I don’t have to explain to you why. But just for the sake of getting to the educational part of this article, I’ll show you why.

One of the dopest scenes. Period.

1- The gym is a dungeon.

We battle with weights, techniques to achieve experience and level up to get more stats. We can party up with friends, guilds or newfound companions to hit the dungeon and use their spotter boost to get that last kill for extra exp.

We unlock other monsters a.k.a ze routeenz when we reach a high level.

Usually, you end up dying when attempting to fight those monsters while you’re still low-level’d.

If you die from a critical, the re-spawn time before we can explore the dungeon again will take a long time due to the curse of “injury” that is casted with that critical.

That one just fucking sucks.

The floors are SO shiney!

2- Supplements shops are the Market Place.

There are different shops for different needs. Some are better in temporary stat boosts, while other are better for health potions.

Either way, they are both helpful during dungeon time.

Each shop has a special item that others don’t, and based on your coins, class you chose and stats you want to upgrade, you will know which one to go to.

Funny thing about supplements shops tough, if you don’t hit them, it’s like playing the game on legendary mode and trying to achieve max level without using health potions or other stat boosters.

A lot of people think it’s honorable to attempt such a thing, but it takes skill to do so and have already achieved mastery in the game.

Most novices will attempt to do so by claiming they’re badasses, but truth is your char will not have had the proper upgrades and will be a crappy player that will be limited in stamina, damage and critical potential.

Items are there for a reason!

You will need them want it or not. Hitting the supplement shop is a must in order to get the next level and finally unlocking those new skills.

You will just need the proper strategy and blueprint in order to achieve what you need.

I still don’t get it why it’s not the girls exposing chest.

3- There’s Dozens of Different Classes & Specialties.

You have to face it that Fitness is an MMORPG when you realize all the types of classes & specialties you can achieve.

We all start as Novices – each with our own goal and reasons behind hitting the gym.

Our epic journey usually begins by an usual common and glorious first quest such as:
-Getting a Six-Pack
-Hulk’s Power Transformation
-Run a Marathon
-Get the Assets of a God and Sleep With All the Opposite Sex-Genders  in existence

No matter what the goal, usually we will end up in the dungeon and give some attempts at completing those quests.


Those are long-term quests that have other sub-quests that need to be achieved first.

It’s like trying to defeat Beigiu with Hawk in Seiken Densetsu 3 (Secret of Mana 2 in America) just as you start of the story. You know you’ll get your ass kicked and need to specialize 2 times before you can actually stand a chance.

Novices don’t know that, so they will throw in attempts to get them quick by listening to the advice of the other Players that did complete them, not knowing that the consequences are costly.

Those players are people who emerged from novices to specialized without even knowing. Some of them got their specialization as a starting bonus of genetics, help from others specialized people that didn’t educate them properly on they why’s and others got theirs just by plain luck.

Either way, they will be the death of novices.

Some beginners that make that mistake decide to quit the server because they did not see the “game”, others manage to actually level up a bit, but will end up stuck in the novice section and die because they attempted some Specialization quests before they even got the appropriate level.

It’s a damn shame because once you specialized, you have a WIDE selection of fun classes to play, each with their own sub-classes and abilities.

That’s where it really gets fun.

You can see those specialized people everywhere you go. There’s a long list of classes but I’ll only name a few:

Power lifters
These guys have a bonus in strength and can pick up a van and throw it in your face if you piss them off.

These guys get a bonus in charisma and usually include the special ability of “snatch girl/boyfriend” making them dangerous players to PVP. Some would confuse that fitness models are a different category, but truth is they’re a sub-class of bodybuilders. Same goes for the meatheads.

Sports Players
Being the hardest class to master due to the extreme difficulty and number of quests; and slow presence time of “opportunities”, they are notorious competitive PVP’rs. Once this class is mastered, fame & coins are maxed out thus loosing the magic of the game. Most masters of the class show signs that fun for the game disappears.

Not only these players will they unlock a lot of amazing PVP combat skills, but true mastery of this class unlock the skill “Zen” which makes the rest of the game happiness level stay up. Their agro is low and well mannered, but once put in the ring, they will annihilate most of the other classes.

I didn’t even begin to name the other awesome sub-specialities these classes have such as Crossfitt Junkie, Supplement Alchemists & Legendary Coach, but what I want to empathize is that they all head to the dungeon to acquire the experience needed in order to level up their specialty.

Most novices don’t live to see and experience the fun of classes. They will end up frustrated being stuck at the same level and end up logging off the server – coming back later on to re-attempt a play.

Some go to the extreme of deleting the game by itself. Those people don’t realize that doing so will only result in them leading a sad, lonely & maybe a bit pathetic life.

Everybody can make it!

Transitioning from novice is the easiest thing to do, some just need guidance on how to get there.

Class changing from novice to specialty requires three things:
1. Time & organization.
2. Building the foundation of all specialties.
3. Class transitioning

Not a lot of people I met have the right knowledge to explain to you those things. Some even lack those things themselves. Luckily for you, I specialized as a Legendary Coach and I’m thirsty for my experience points to upgrade my teaching mastery.

College hate right there.

Time & Organization

I’m still surprised that most people out there believe that they can just go hit the gym when they “feel it” and even worse; some believe in order to gain enough experience points they need to spend 2 or even 3 hours in the dungeon.

People that go when they “feel” it aren’t getting results. People that are spending so much time in the gym are either:
A) They are wasting too much time doing something else except actually working out.
B) Perform workouts that will be counter productive on their goals and eventually lead to injury or them overtraining

Those who encourage the longevity act are morons and need to be stabbed in the face with a pitchfork. They are scaring people away from the gym and making the job of proper education hard by dealing will bullshit beliefs.

Work time, or battling in g33k-language, doesn’t require more than 45minutes. An hour is tops if we’re working heavy duty.

It’s not rare that I saw people constant in the gym spending 2 hours at least while I was going in for 45 minute sessions, and 3 months later I would see them on the same level while my body completely metamorphosed.

When you’re a novice I encourage planning at least 3 days in the gym. Put it in your agenda and ATTEND it like it’s an orgy.

Be enthusiastic, look forward to it and never miss a session.

Unless, God-forbid, one of your family members died or you got injured, there’s no valid excuse for missing an appointment with yourself. You’re showing love to yourself and when it comes to dates and studying, your performance level will be higher.
I saw this posted on Jason’s Ferruggias fanpage and I think it’s one of the best quotes my eyes laid sight upon on the subject:

“People think if they’re working 14 hour days that they are getting more done. WRONG. If you work for 11 hours and then do something physical for 3 hours, you’ll be far more productive in those 11 hours than you’d be in 14 hours. It takes energy to make energy- otherwise you’re just sitting at your desk in a daze, feeling overwhelmed by all the things you think you need to do. And then that goes on for years and it comes time to retire, but you’re so out of shape you still can’t do anything fun. That’s messed up!

So when I hear someone say they don’t have time for fitness or physical activity – I’m not buying it! That’s a major cop-out. How can you not have time for your health and sanity? If you can’t do a 2 hour workout everyday, fine (not that you need anywhere near that much). But what about 30 minutes of something physically and mentally challenging? You would be surprised at just how effective 30 minutes of daily activity can be.” -Laird Hamilton

Just go for it. Fight that laziness and do something of yourself. Hitting the gym will make you feel better than spending that time just drinking a beer and watching TV.

“But Paul, I don’t know what to do when I go there.”

That’s why I said plan it.

Without having a proper programming, your results will never be attainable – as for what to take on as a programming, that’s next on the list.

This will be a hard one to destroy my Lord. They have little sculpted trees to protect them.

Building the Foundation of All Specialties

Now this is a subject that I really want to push in because most players, even specialized, seem to lack it.

Novices who are eager to start their noble quest usually pick out their strategies and attack the dungeon with a routine that was found in a MuscleMag.

Now, there’s a million of things wrong with that fact and dozens of synonyms of “moron” I could write to describe those people, but I would be an asshole if I’d do that.

It’s not their fault.

Novices are blinded by the illusion that those routines will get their long desired “chesticles”, “lickalicious abs”, “Hulk’s Strength” and “Threesome with Jolie and Fox”. They are not aware that their bodies are not ready for those kinds of workouts and will destroy themselves due to the stress indulged.

Bad posture, muscle deformation and even injury can happen if you’re new to the game and decide to take on one of those plans. Your mission is to upgrade to a super-being, not die pretending to be one.

There’s nothing-shameful going in for foundation. Even the best of Olympians will come back to work on theirs. It’s all part of Periodization, but that’s a whole article all together so we’re gonna’ stick to how to get started on that. Aiight? Aiiiighttt.

So what’s the foundation?

To make the answer short and sweet, it’s Limit Strength.

Limit strength is the amount of musculoskeletal force you can generate for one all-out effort. Think of it as the rock that you’re going to build your awesomely awesome castle on.

If you’re not going to have a good level of limit strength, you’re going to have a bad time. It’s like building that awesome castle on sand.

To go deeper in the subject, you have to know that theres three kinds of limit strength:
1. Eccentric strength. This is how much weight you can lower without losing control.
2. Static strength. As you can guess by the name, it’s how much weight you can hold stationary without losing control.
3. Concentric strength.  Now this is how much weight you can lift one time with an all-out muscle contraction.

Remember in those magazines they were talking about “Do a billion bicep curls with a 3 second concentric tempo while keeping 1 second eccentric time before bringing it back with a 20 year eccentric tempo”?

That’s what they were talking about.

For example: when you’re curling the weight towards you in a biceps curl, the agonist (biceps brachii) is shortening while the antagonist (triceps brachii) is stretching in order to contract and bring the weight upwards.

The Biceps brachii is in an concentric action while the triceps is in an eccentric to stabilize the arm.  When you’re just holding the weight in postion, we call that static strength.

While it’s important foundation to all the athletes out there to have a good amount of limit strength, maximizing it to an insane level is only needed for power lifters.

That’s good news for you if you want to specialize in powerlifting further on, but people need it a good amount of it as foundation in order to keep proper form and avoid injuries down the road.

Too many people jump ahead and go directly into working with heavy weights in split trainings. It may work for some, but those weaker need strong antagonist muscles to help their agonist muscles perform with heavy weights.

That’s where injury and crappy workouts happen.

If you’re a beginner, you really should focus more on a good full body routine to start with.

It’s not too often that I see the novices begin a heavy duty muscle building or fat loss program when they don’t even have the foundations to help them achieve those workouts. They will be counter productive and really damage their bodies more than anything. That’s only assuming you don’t have superman genes.

“OMG, Paul! I never knew that. You’re such a sexy man and such badass. You will be my GOD if you give me a workout to get out of this hole.”

Oh, stop it you, you’re making me blush.

I’ll give you a couple that you can use and exactly how to plan them in your schedule. Prepare young Novice, for it’s time to evolve!

Since we have more things to cover, you’ll have to check back to get it in part two.

I’ll give you the quests to achieve, monsters to kill and for the sake of avoiding death so much, I’ll give you more scientifically proven approaches to avoid them. Ouu science!

Heck, I’ll give you a couple of pointer for making the better choice for your future class and some tips for supplementation.

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