An Almost Complete 5-step Guide to INSTANTLY Make Your Day Better

We all have those bad days, those moments in our life when everything just seem to suck.

I just spent 24 hours in my bed being sick and throwing up basically 2 days worth of food. Not only does that get me pissed about missing Montreal’s White Sensation 2nd year in a row, but it sucks for my muscle gains that I’m busting my ass to achieve lately.

Some people would be pretty sad/pissed/God-forbid turned on by the sight of puke in moments like these (2girls1cup ring a bell?!) , but I manage to keep a smile going on.

Feeling good is a major component in living a good life and some people seem to not know how to get back in it, so I figured I’ll share a few of my awesome tips to get that good mood back and running.

#1- Fake it till you make it.

That's how I look when I do it: Jim Carrey look alike

A while back before deciding to completely launch myself into a fitness career, I was working as a waiter. The secret to good tips in waitering is having excellent people skills and as we know people go to good restaurants for two things:

1- Fill up their stomach with delicious food

2- Be treated like royalty

Thing is, every royalty needs a servant; and for the people that came to my restaurant, that was me.  In other words, I was working as people’s bitch.

I was always good in social interactions in general, my usual tip from sales were around 18-23% in a night, but man, I could remember my bad days were really reflected into my tips all the way down to a 10-13%.

Being my only source of income back then, I had to figure out how to keep my number high. Really getting my body working helped a lot (guys can learn how to slut out too ladies 😉 ) but what really worked was a trick I found out by accident: faking a continuous smile.

Continually faking a smile is like using a cheat code for your brain.

Think about it this way: in GTA: San Andreas you press Left, Right, L1, L2, R1, R2, Up, Down, Left, Right and you instantly get a jetpack, in your body you just smile and you have signals sent to your brain that trigger a neurotransmitter called Serotonin.

Serotonin is the drug your brain creates that is the main cause for you being happy. When you smile, based on your past experiences and associations to this action, you instantly fake your way into making your brain producing serotonin; hence the cheat code.

Some drugs like Prozac are made to create this effect, but I got a saying, if you’re not to the point of killing yourself, you shouldn’t need drugs to get out of your hell hole.


Just keep on smiling and enjoy your free Prozac J

#2- Force eye contact with strangers.

Just a bit more... yup lasted 2 seconds this time

One of the CRAZIEST tricks ever.

Yes forcing eye contact with a stranger can make you seem like a psycho-killer on the loose, but that’s not why I’m saying its crazy.

Due to evolutionary reasons, when you stare into somebodies eyes, hormones that trigger anxiety are released in both parties, hence why some people tend to avoid eye contact.

“Anxiety?! But Paul, I thought we wanted to feel good, not bad!”

Shut the f#ck up, voice in my head! I’m trying to write an article here.  Geeze.

Anyways, yes it triggers anxiety, but the cool part is that they also activate different areas of your brain, including your pre-frontal cortex, thus going into super-alert mode. It’s like free coffee but only creepy or sexy, depending how you look at people.
Ever hada stranger make eye contact and you just stared back enough for him or her to turn away? I bet it felt pretty damn good.  Making somebody break eye contact with you can give you an boost of confidence and can make you feel a bit more dominant and in control.
If you’re too scared because of anxiety, just do it more often. If you force the eye contact with numerous amounts of people, that anxiety is abolished. It’s like riding a bike, you get used to it.  Nobody will approach you or stab you, unless of course you’re really looking for the bad people to do this with.

Worse thing that can happen is making eye contact with a grenade and having them come tell you all the nasty things they would do to you. Yeah it totally sucks.

So if you’re in a public place during a bad day, just start playing the “who turns their look away first” game and pretty soon you’ll get over your anxiety and start getting that boost of confidence.

Honestly, I just love practice this daily, because it makes it a lot easier in day to day interactions to show honesty, when I really mean something and that I’m really feeling a chick by gazing deeply in her eyes.

People catch on to things like that.

#3- Go for a quick run

Doesn't she look all happy?! That smile will turn to crying when the sweat will get her mascara in her eyes

This point I don’t really have to elaborate, I explained the benefits of running in my other articles, but just for the sake of recap: ENDORPHINES.

Yes, a quick 5-10 minute run is enough to produce a good amount of that feel-good neurodrug to change your mood for the day.

Just pick a small distance and start running; the faster, the better.

#4- Have a bit of dark chocolate and sexy time.

Sex: making happiness cum into your day since the beginning of time

Chocolate and Sex: two things that can make your day heaven. Unless of course you’re diabetic, that leaves you only one.

Both together are like a c-c-combo breaker to get your day going. If you’re really feeling low, have both at the same time and have fun with some food role-play. After all, chocolate does help improve your sexual pleasure.

Here’s an extract from a previous article I wrote:

“So how does dark chocolate actually help the sex?

The way that dark chocolate works is that the cacao mass produces this thing called Phenylethylamine that is a slight antidepressant and a stimulant similar to the body’s own dopamine and adrenaline. Not only that, but cocoa can increase the level of serotonin in the brain.

Long story short, you’re gonna be in a good mood and you’ll feel the stimulation from the sexual vibrations.

A good note to remember, the purer the cacao, the better it is. If you have a problem with bitter taste, you can just melt it and dip black cherries in it. You can make it a fun game, I won’t share mine, but I’ll let your imagination take you to it.”

Sex boosts your self-confidence, your wellbeing and not to mention the whole list of the other benefits. There’s no reason you shouldn’t already be having it.

Good sex makes a good day. Period.

Girls, if sex doesn’t improve your day, you need a new partner. Preferably someone like me or just someone who gets pleasure out of giving you pleasure. Me is probably better J

Guys, if sex doesn’t improve your day, you need to check into a mental institution, or re-check your sexual orientation. It’s that simple.

To keep it simple, chocolate makes you feel good, sex boosts your self-esteem. Incorporate that into your day and you will instantly change it back to it’s sunny side.

#5- Help a friend or call up Mom.

Gotta look sexy for the phone

I love my mom. Want it or not, it’s unconditional love and I just happened to be a momma’s boy.

My mom is a different type of mom, the cool mom. She always was there for me, always cared and worked for me and specially never rejected an opportunity to make me look like an idiot in front of my friends with a smart-ass comment.

She’s just a badass… like mom like son.

In Meslow’s pyramid of happiness, family and friendship comes before self-esteem and confidence, thus working on those basic needs may fix you with some self-esteem and confidence.

Bonding with your parents is always a good way to feel good about your life.  Making good connections usually do, but none will ever feel as important of that of a parent-child bond.

Friends are cool too.

Most likely, if you got crazy asshole good friends like me, just seeing them can make your day.

If they are not available, just helping any friend with whatever they are doing is another way to strengthen a bond. Not only will you feel good because you just helped somebody, but they will see you in better eyes.

Just be a good person since they are usually the happiest, you can’t get more fucking zen than Ghandi.  Help a friend or just re-connect with an old one.

I personally like to call my mom from times to times cause she always has something to say that makes my day. For example, the other day she told me in a serious tone that I should become a stripper. That wasn’t actually a serious conversation, but it made me laugh so bad that it gave me an extra boost of good vibing for the rest of the day.

Also now it gave me an idea of things I can do for money during hard times.
Try everything out and if you got any other cool tricks or ideas, drop a comment, I’d love to hear them.

That didn’t help? Here’s a picture of cute kitten.