2 SIMPLE Reasons Why You Want to Switch to a Healthy Lifestyle

“Excellence is an art won by training and habituation. We do not act rightly because we have virtue or excellence, but we rather have those because we have acted rightly. We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act but a habit.” — Aristotle

Aristotle’s quotation describes what the Ancient Greek’s philosophy of life really was. They thrived for excellence in order to surpass the gods, thus they were constantly training to stay healthy and training their minds to be sharper than their nemesis.

The big BUT in all this is that staying healthy isn’t an easy thing to do.

I mean, you have to check what you eat, schedule workouts and exhausting physical activities, cut the booze so getting laid on regular basis becomes harder than usual without beer goggles and not to mention a whole bunch of other restrictions and pain once you get deeper into the good-looking game.

With all that troublesome said and done, the question is why would you even consider switching from an easy couch potato lifestyle to all this f*#king hard work?

Reasons are simple, make sense and trust me: they are the closest things that will get you to living an exiting James Bond lifestyle. Afterall he is the king of badasness.

All of you offended Chuck Norris fans: “Come at me bru!”

That’s hot

#1 – Get laid more often. (and improvement in other social interactions as well)

No, I refuse to start my arguments with the health benefits. Let’s be honest, 99% of the people who start hitting the gym is in order to become more attractive to the opposite sex. You can’t blame anybody though, speaking biologically, we’re genetically programmed to follow that mindset. Yes guys, I’m saying we think with our dicks.
Speaking for guys, unless you’ve been playing sports in a competitive level since you were young or you’ve been blessed with Greek God’s genes, there’s probably little chance that you have that ideal shape that calls for a genitor every time a girl lays her eyes on you.

Speaking for girls, I can tell you a lot of potential is lost from laziness. If you’re missing some nature’s gifts when it comes to curves, you can make up a lot of it with gym. Others just lost all their sexyness with the excess fat completely destroying that time glass look which men are attracted to and get people on the beach screaming “FREE WILLY!!”


The Gym can be a game-changer for both sexes.  

Building up a lean, v-shaped look on guys and a slim time glass look for girls can make all the difference in your attraction, social interactions and self-esteem as-well. As an ex-obese kid and after coaching numerous people with all shapes and sizes, I can tell you at the end of a good workout and nutritional program, your life will change as you know it.

Everything changes!

From money opportunities, to intimate meetings and the creation of good connections, they all happen more often due to a good confident look.

It’s not only that, but keeping your dedication and planning your workouts and meals, builds discipline and priority into your character. That means you are working on your mental in a way that you are 1 step ahead of the typical gym douchebags running around.

This doesn’t really have anything to do with the article but…
I got a saying I tell a lot of the people: if you expect to date a 10, you have to become a 10 yourself.

That means you have to work BOTH on your mental and your physical.

#2- Save up on Medical & Food bills

The picture above, posted by one of the cool guys in the fitness industry, Joe Dowdell, saved me a lot of energy on describing all the health benefits from working out. Not only being correct, I think its more fun learning fun-facts through an anatomical correct model of a fat chick.

Even though I respect Joe, I love being a smartass and just challenging the facts he posted for the simple cause of it being misleading to a lot of people. Face it, most of the population will believe any random statistics given around: Just think of all the bullshit the media made you believe, enough said.

To clarify this picture: Fad Diets are OVERRATED.

Puking money

First of all it’s not the fact that you’re slim that you’re avoiding all these health risks. Like I was telling Joe, it’s the methods of that get you to a lean body which are the true superheroes in the story.  If you have a balanced diet from organic food and exercise regularly, your immune system improves, cardio vascular disease risk decrease, neurological disorder decreases, etc…  Do I really need to say more?

Being lean & healthy is a lifestyle, not a phase.

Going on a yo-yo diet will screw you up more then being a obese can. They usually involve a fat-free or carb-free diet and cutting down on a lot of essential nutrients, which will eventually fuck up your body and metabolism. As a matter of fact, you WILL gain your fat right back when you finish the diet and you will still get picked on by the school or office bully for being a fat kid.

To make it in a short and simple form that even children understand: since you restrained your body from essential nutrients for such a long time, most people will carve candies and will allow themselves to eat whatever they want as a “reward” making their bodies store everything as fat. If by some God-sent miracle that does not happen, chances are you will be right back to being a fat bastard right after you end your diet since you didn’t learn how to maintain a lean body.

Make smart look cool and educate yourself.


Eating healthy is NOT expensive.
Eating healthy IS delicious.
Eating healthy is NOT hard.
Eating healthy makes you FEEL good.

Learning what and how to eat will be enhance your life’s energy since you have proper energy burning, improve your budget and best benefit of all, you learn how to hate on fast foods like a sir.
Don’t get me wrong; I do reserve a day per week to eating out and junk food, it’s a date between my fatty side and me.  Even though sometimes it tastes good, getting on a diet of just junk, you will make your body a garbage disposal and you WILL feel like one.
Other bullshit most people pull off on me is the fact that eating healthy is expensive. Like I just mentioned, that is a bullshit fact. Most of the foods you will make to last for a week; therefore you buy in high quantity. Also, you eat for your body not for boredom, think of the numerous times you started eating cause you had nothing to do.

Restaurant bills go down, bar bills go down, etc…

Eating healthy IS CHEAPER!


Fucking Hipsters… where the hell is her workout?

About 4 Years ago, I woke up to weighting 240lbs, acne filled and sincerely out of breath. I was in my senior highschool year, prom was approaching and honestly I couldn’t hook up with a girl even if my balls would fall off if I wouldn’t. I was too much of a nice guy from my low confidence so you can guess I was the typical friendzoned guy.

Good thing I had swag going on for me, that made me not be a complete outcast.

Man, I remember I was miserable. I woke up everyday of the week hating myself and asking why the hell I was one of them kids just born to be a failure…

Until I found out I wasn’t.

I’ll make this short and sweet; when I found out I could actually shape my body, every little sweat and tear went into changing into who I wanted to be.

Trust me, if I changed my life around, you can too.

That’s why Wolf-Pack was created. Patrick and I both have our stories that pushed us to become successful and are literally giving you every single tool you need to turn your life around too. We believe everyone out there deserves to live a fulfilling and purp From nutrition, to working out and even dating advice to stop being played out. You have absolutely NO EXCUSES.

Go out there and start becoming who you are REALLY meant to be.