Did I Get Stabbed? Nah, Just a Runners Cramp – A Guide To Avoid Runners Cramps

That feeling you're about to die.

Temperature is rising, roads are getting clear and clothes are coming off… yup that’s right, running season is back out. 


Of course for the people living in the south or the hardcore wolves out there who run at -30oC shouldn’t make a change, but for most of the population out there, it’s finally that amazing time of the year.

You have your perfect run planned out: A clean route, temperature is amazing, your energy is high and you know a few hot people passing through where you’re about to run with the new expensive jog shoes and suit that you bought only for the swag.

Guess what? You ain’t getting a number today! Nah uhh, cause you just got trolled by your body with a slicing pain into your abdominal wall.

Everybody experienced that awful cramp, which ruins completely your run, and makes you think you’re about to die with each step you continuously take.

So what is it? A ninja?  Bad Chinese food poisoning cause you cheated or your ex poisoning you for sleeping with her sister?  Trick question cause NOBODY knows what the hell it is.

Maybe this is the cause?

In fact, there’s a lot of confusion going around of why the cramps actually happen. Some theories revolve around dehydration; others claim it’s due to your organs touching nerves from all the bouncing and what not, while the last one revolves around the diaphragm.

As some people know, I LOVE my long jogs. My 6k-8ks are a weekly must and meditation for me.  Nothing can beat that mind liberation feeling when the endorphins hit. I remember in my hardcore fat loss days, after a night of kinky fun, I would sneak away from bed to hit a jog.
Hey! I don’t judge people for their weird habits, you shouldn’t judge mine. I’m proud of it since most of my life revelations happened during jogs.  A big plus was that I used to call them Double Cardio days, a nice way to let my friends know I wasn’t available for the night.




Anyways, let’s get back on topic.

With the love for the run and hate for the cramps, I did some intense research to prevent my jogs being ruined, thus bringing you today an ultimate guide to prevent them from happening.

Since none of the theories are proven and experts still have no freaking clue of what the hell is causing them, we’ll use everything in our power to prevent them.

FIRST: Avoid running on a full stomach.

Now everybody knows when you’re working on a full stomach, nothing good is gonna happen. We want our stomach during a run to occupy as little volume as possible. So don’t drink too much water right before a run and keep at least a 1hour and a half distance from your meal to your run. You’ll avoid your stomach irritating your diaphragm and plus you don’t want to see your mom’s spaghetti on your running shirt right?

SECOND: Stretch your sides and do a warm-up walk.

A good way to prevent those nasty bastards is by stretching your torso. Take a minute of your pre-run and fully extend your arms high and just lower your torso side to side downward. Next, keep your elbows high and twist side to side in a 2beat tempo. One of the awesomeness of this is also feeling like a washing machine.

Me Gusta

Now before your run, take a 3 minute walk. One of the major problems is that people begin by a high paced-run. Not only does that ruin your tempo but it de-regulates your breathing from the start and that’s just asking for a nasty ninja-stab.  So slow down, enjoy the weather and just waaaaaaallllllkkkkkkkkkkkkk.

THIRD: Hydrate yourself during a run.

I like to run during hot days with a backpack, not only for the stylish purpose, but for the sake of having some cold water with me.  (backpacks are dope)
Even though I said we want our stomach as small as possible during a run, we want to avoid complete dehydration, which is also a main reason for cramps.  So take a couple of sips of water after each 3km to keep yourself going, you shouldn’t need more than 500ml of water for any run under 10km.

LAST: Regulate your breathing.

One of the most important things that most people forget is breathing. Man you gotta breath and HARD.

Not fast, but hard as in you have to slowly intake a lot more air.

One of the good paces to go at is a 5-step intake, 4-step exhale. Not only will you be avoiding muscle cramps, but you will feed your muscles enough oxygen, thus making you feel less fatigued. Don’t think you will not work just as much, on the contrary, you will work better and longer. So breathe GODDAMIT.

That’s all for today folks.

Right now, for future article purposes, I want to know how much distance you guys travel and the time it takes you.  

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