Dripping Orgasms and Chocolate Madness

St-Valentines Day is here and guess what? I’m freaking happy.

It has nothing to do with the champagne glasses, soft music and nice sweating session in a hotel room… ok it probably does, but the main reason is for the piece and quiet I’ll get at the gym following that.

Let me elaborate.

After St-Destruction Day, a lot of the new-years resolutions-people say to themselves: “I’m still fat and single, clearly this doesn’t work.” so they quit the gym. It’s a fun fact for those people that still progress to their goals, but a sad reality that most wake up to.

Thing is, most people jumped to the gym without any idea what they actually have to do. No program, no nutrition change habits, just the plain plateau factors I already discussed. It was predictable those who jumped into that gym depression and will end up paying a year’s plan for nothing.

Wolf-Pack on another hand has a quite opposite wave going through. Me, Patrick and our clients just switched into top performance mode since the beach season just around the corner… smells a high libido wave hitting us soon.




Unfortunately for the ladies, right now we’re struggling to make some room in our schedules to get more coaching spots available. Once we do that, we’ll post an application questionnaire that you can fill out and we’ll help YOU on GETTING that dream body working in no time.  You’ll see what we are actually talking about with our photo-shoot from dedicated trainees.

WARNING: We’ll get the teenage girls screaming, printing posters of the pack and hanging them in their rooms like it would be Justin Bieber (I can’t believe I just compared us to that chick).

Anyways, my article today was not intended to be talked about the forever alone’s out there and open advertisement on our coaching programs, but rather how to get the BEST of your dirty valentine’s night sex.

I can’t blame you for coming here to read just about that, because let’s admit it, there’s always 4 days in the year that we look forward the most when it comes to sex: Christmas Sex, New Year’s Sex, Birthday Sex and Valentine’s day sex.

There’s nothing more satisfying to a guy to know the girl had enough before we did and by the time we finished our part, the girl is paralyzed from her personal pleasure. Since I’m willing to admit I’m quite passionate about my sexin’, I did a lot of research and came up with a perfect routine to know be able to get the best out of those occasions.  You can pull off this routine anytime, but hey, special occasions give the placebo effect that it’s one of the best times in your life.

So let’s do it!… talk about the routine, not sex. Actually both… ahh whatever you know what I’m talkin’ about.

We’ll be needing a few supplies for this magical night:

1- 70%+ Dark chocolate bar

2- 20 minutes of sweating session… in the gym that is

3- A bottle of wine

4- Good music

And of course #5 – A partner

1- The sugar filled chocolate is OVERRATED

Milk chocolate may look like an awesome delight to offer on St-Valentines, but if you’ve been in a couple with that special person, it may be more beneficial for you to get that 85% cacao chocolate going on… that’s only if you want more feelings involved in your sex; both emotional and stimulant.

Problem with normal milk candy bars, they give you a sugar high. With any sugar high, a crash follows. It can be devastating if you’re going to go through it when it comes to makin’ a move in the bed since you’ll be taxed in your energy levels.

So how does dark chocolate actually help the sex?

The way that dark chocolate works is that the cacao mass produces this thing called Phenylethylamine that is a slight antidepressant  and stimulant similar to the body’s own dopamine and adrenaline. Not only that, but cocoa can increase the level of serotonine in the brain.

Long story short, you’re gonna be in a good mood and you’ll feel the stimulation from the sexual vibrations.

A good note to remember, the purer the cacao, the better it is. If you have a problem with bitter taste, you can just melt it and dip black cherries in it. You can make it a fun game, I won’t share mine, but i’ll let your imagination take you to it.

2- Soak up in endorphins before you soak up in endorphins

Anybody who’s been hitting the gym for a while know how addicting the post-workout feeling is. That is mainly due to exercising stimulating the production of endorphins in the brain giving you that sense of europhia and stress-free.

If you have an annoying period of your relationship or for the guys having that girlfriend that just keeps talking, hitting the gym before sets you in a care-free state and allows you to keep a good mood in the air for the night.

Not only that, but any of us guys know that reaching an orgasm takes a while longer when we are physically tired and women actually reach faster. Makes it a nice balanced level to get a fair trade in pleasures of a couple.

Now to the best part, the fact that the endorphin production will allow women to reach climax faster due to this tiny part in your brain called the amygdala going inactive. Now not only the guy lasts longer, but women will be more prone to reach an orgasm and that makes things A LOT easier for those women havin’ a hard time.

Boum Chicka WouaWoua

3- Blame it on the ah-ah-ah-alco … God I fucking hate that song.

Anybody that went through college or just had hard drinking phases knows what alcohol can do to people. Sometimes  they do stupid shit, sometimes attend kiddie parties and other times, wake up to people that make them rush to get out of that place. Either way, you should have listened to your friends when they told you she was a grenade.

Noticed how alcohol can make a sexual situation seem even sexier, lower your standards and judgemental side? That’s because it actually turns off the anxiety producing side of your brain.

With this is mind, you can use it to your advantage if you didn’t get sexual with your partner yet…. if you know what I mean 😉

Thing is; alcohol abuse causes erectile dysfunction for guys AND girls. If you stick to 2 drinks tops, you will get the maximal benefits of being an horny “drunk” without the physiological problems.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you’re wine and dining, make sure you’re not filling up your stomach. Being full will turn all your bodies energy towards digestion and it will make some lousy sex, specially if you expect some hardcore bed moving, it’s definitely a bad idea. Keep it light.

4- Music sets the mood

Music is a drug. It literally is.

It can change your brainwaves, trigger emotions and change absolutely EVERYTHING. The perfect way to send the mood right is leaving the right kind of background music.

I won’t even go in the details here, but I’ll leave you with this to know what I’m talking about:



I’m the type of person that prefers no-sex over bad-sex. I have a hard-time understanding how some people can be that bad in bed. I honestly believe that a lot of people are lacking creativity when it comes to one of the biggest pleasures that nature gave us. Love makin’ is an art and you are MEANT to be able to express your creativity to make the best of them baybays.

I think this is a pro tip that should go to both sexes individually:

Guys: sexin’ is not just about bustin a nut. Switch up positions, try new things. You all watch porn, don’t just whack to it, learn from it and apply it in bed. Just please don’t start grouching like an animal. It’s okay to let the girl know you’re enjoying it, but leave the screaming to the girls. I honestly have no idea who the fuck put those guys in those pornos and named them pornstars.

Ladies: PLEASE for the love a God, don’t have sex with a guy like you just want him to be happy he had his. Get into it and don’t play the plank. There’s not a bigger turn-off then a girl expecting the guy to do everything. The best experiences come from when you get as involved as the guy, and if you’re a energizer bunny, out-perform him. Watch some porn also, it’s more than okay. Extra pro-tip: watch the brazillian chicks go at it, they really know how to please a guy.

Now that that’s out, I can finally tell you guys to start playing some sex games. Girl’s reach orgasm better when they play with their emotional side, so go ahead and role-play, food-play, try out some freaky stuff, experiment and don’t stay conservative on the subject, you’ll see another side of you come out.  Good love makin’ makes the best out of a relationship, cause it’s hard to argue when you’re dripping in ecstacy.

I want my partners to enjoy themselves just as much as me or even more, since they are the ones who can have multiple orgasms. So learn to please not only yourselves, but those who help you feel that good.

Have a SATISFYING Valentines Day everyone!