Orange Juice? Orange Fat!

    I’m sitting on a sofa with my best friend in an awesome chalet, with around 30 people just having a blast and I’m writing this while he’s playing on Call of Duty 2. Does it say anything about my social life? Not at all, just explains what I do on hangover days, you pre-judging bastard! 

Even though we’re having a blast and I did get drunk, I managed to keep it on a low caloric level and actually lost weight instead of gaining (check out the article on how to drink and loose weight for more info). All this was thanks to planning my meals and bringing a bit of material to workout when we’re not partying. Jogging in the mountain was also a bonus, since I noticed a more burn in my legs from all the inclines.

Anyways, enough of bragging about my dedication to working during fun-time, today I want to cover a HUGE commercial lie: Healthy fruit juice. 

(almost in all my articles something pisses me off, but that does not mean i’m an angry person (smiley face))

To start off with, the bloody thing never actually satisfies your thirst. 
I remember as a kid I could drink 3-4 litters of that juice in a time space of an hour and with that much sugar in my system I felt like I could go steal a truck of oranges and make some more. Seriously ask yourself the question if it satisfied your thirst. Probably not.

                                                             (this actually does.)

Second, it furthers you away from your fat loss and health goals.

Sure you get your dose of vitamin C, but the juice is missing a lot of enzymes and just accelerates insulin production. 

Think about it, with 1 orange you make around half a glass of an orange juice. So basically in a glass you have 2-3 oranges and we all know you won’t drink only a glass. An average person (based on a small survey I did with the people in the chalet and Facebook questioning) drinks around 2.5 glasses of juice when they actually buy a carton and drink in the morning. Thats around a GOOD 6-7.5 oranges… in one meal. 


When we try to loose fat, we want to cut down on the carbs. Keep it simple and just have a glass of water with an orange instead. Not only are you cutting HEAVILY on your calories, but at the same time you’re getting more vitamins and essential enzymes that you don’t get in a juice instead.

Now I know what most people think: Well I don’t give a crap about sugar, I’ll drink my juice anyways. Well think about it this way: 2 seconds of pleasure or a sexy-healthy body that will last for years? 
The choice you take will determine how smart you really are. 

Let’s not forget that much sugar will get you a sugar crash.

You really want to walk zombie mode and be irritable for a good 1-2 hours for the seconds of pleasure? Everybody will hate you for being a piss-off, your girlfriend/boyfriend will dump you, your whole family will throw you on the street and you’ll end up that homeless person begging money for crack in order to forget how miserable you really are… ALL BECAUSE OF A GLASS OF ORANGE JUICE. 

Ok I’m definitely exaggerating, but you get the point here.

Now remember, switch with a bottle of water and an orange instead and you’ll see an improvement in your results and just keep that glass of juice for your cheat days, it will be more beneficial for your long-term struggle with keeping a lean life.