Jogging & Sprinting: The DEADLY combo.

Second day from the release of Wolf-Pack Fitness Systems and everything is going just AMAZING.
I’m discovering a lot of new things, getting lots of support from lovely people like YOU and most importantly I’m getting e-mails from people that are telling us how much they loved the killing feeling of the first work-outs .
 You have no idea how much that motivates me and pushes me to delivering awesome content. So I’d like to take this moment and say:
I’m just feeling overwhelmed . Your support REALLY means a lot.

Anyways, today I’m releasing Shredding the Pack 1st week’s workout, both the gym and home edition on writing, while the videos will be up by Friday.
Now like anybody would guess, there’s no complete Fat Loss program without cardio.
I know what you’re thinking: “Paul… cardio is boring and its winter, I’ll just freeze my ass in boredom.”
I’m telling you to suck it up and stop going for a jog naked. Just put some clothes on and you’ll be fine. Once you get that first mile in, you’ll actually be sweating icicles, which is pretty cool considering it makes you look like you got superpowers.
But I’m here to break a big myth which is: THE MORE YOU JOG THE MORE FAT YOU’LL BURN!

Man I just want to find the person who said that and smack him in the face. I wasted so much of my earlier time jogging then actually getting results done back when I started hitting the gym some years ago. I could have achieved my goals a lot easier, so that’s what I’m gonna do today.
First things first: I love jogs. They are essential to being a COMPLETE fit person.
Not only that, but they offer an amazing time to just clear your mind and connect with nature. I believe we’re living in a generation that we’re just too connected to technology. Going out in a park to jog, not only is good on your body, but your mind will feel refreshed and will get yourself going and motivated.
A lot of you guys probably heard me before discouraging long jogs, which I still do. Anything over 40-45minutes is bullshit in my opinion. It’s no good on your lean body mass and let’s face it… it gets BORING.
I like to hit an hour jog from time to time, but thats just for the sake of beating my previous distances. I got to a 10k in the freezing cold recently, feels good bro.
Jogging by itself is starting to be disused in the fitness industry. The problem with it, I’m gonna try to keep it real simple, it’s the fact that it’s TOO rhythmic. Your body gets used to the constant pace and therefore need less and less calories to spend to perform the same work.
For example let’s say you START to jog every day for 30 minutes. The first day you’ll be sweating and burning calories like Peter Griffin chasing a Twinkie. The sad part is, by next month, your body gets used to the pattern and uses nearly nothing as energy in order to perform the same jog, thus leaving you in a fat burning plateau.
If theres any Jog lovers like me out there, it makes it a sad fact, but theres a whole bunch of other benefits to jogging that just makes it damn worth to be addicted to.
Since I’m going to be with you guys for 8weeks(16 for some), I had to think of how I could keep the constant fat-loss without hitting that plateau, just pure fat shredding the whole WAY.
So I came up while experimenting this summer with a 2-way system. Basically we have a building in phase of 8 weeks, and a shredding mayhem for elite CUTTING performance in the last 8 weeks.
(Yes it doesn’t only sound like hard-work, it actually is and works wonders)
Lucky for you readers, I’m giving the first 8 weeks to everyone for free.

First thing first: LONG JOGS STAY… once a week at the end of your last workout (its usually after a strength training or density if you’re following the home edition, so it should only feel good).
These long jogs are actually beneficial since they are exactly after we used up all the sugar in our muscles to lift heavy. We will be keeping them under 6km and between 20-25mins. So if you can get to 1k per 5minutes , that’s awesome.
We want these jogs to be fast paced, and diverse inclinations to not allow the body to adjust. You can either get your ass on a treadmill and hit it at around 7-8mph, while remembering to change your inclination every 2 minutes or you can actually get to a park and have a jogging adventure and not have to worry about a thing.
Either way, you gonna sweat.

Second: High Intensity Interval Training – The father of all pukes.
I could get into a long lecture, but too many people talked about HIIT cardio for me to re-consider making this post longer than it already is. So to make it simple and short, in order to confuse our body and burn more calories than needed, we’re going to SPRINT.
For gym version: Go on a treadmill and warm-up for 3 minutes with a slow walk (i like it at 4mph)
Right after your 3 minutes, set it to a sprint/run setting (I like 12mph) and continue there for a minute, once thats done and your heart feeling like its about to explode, set it to a slow jog speed (i like 6mph) and let your body cool down for 2 minutes. Then REPEAT another 2 times (without the warm-up). End it all with a 3 minute cool down (1min 4mph and 2 mins 3mph). Puke out of your nose on that hot chick’s shirt next to you. Done.
For home version: Grab a jump rope and do exactly the same. Just instead of slow jogs, its slow jumps. When it comes to the minute running, do a minute of FAST jumprope. You can keep it to 2 sets, jump rope is a bit more of a fat loss killer than running.
But if you don’t actually want jumprope (WHY?! IT’S THE ULTIMATE FAT BURNING TOOL!), go outside and perform in the same fashion.
So re-cap:    Time:         Gym Version            Home Version
                 0-3min           3-4mph                     slow jumps
                  3-4min           10-12mph                 fast jumps
                  4-6mins          4-6mph                     normal paced jumps
                 6-7mins           10-12mph                FAST JUMPS
                 7-9mins           4-6mph                     normal paced jumps
                 9-10mins         10-12mph                FAST JUMPS (you’re about to puke here)
                 10-12mins        4-6mph                    normal paced jumps
                  12-15mins       3-4mph                   slow like you’re about to collapse
Now we’ll be doing that for the first 2weeks, on week 3 well add an extra set.
Same for week 5 and same for week 7.
On week 5 we’ll add an extra HIIT day.
It sounds scary now, but you’ll see by the end of week 8, you’ll be running those 6 sets like NOTHING.
Now to the last: Jump rope!
At first I thought of just giving you 25 minutes of jump rope, but then I started experimenting them at the end of workouts, and they turned out to be WAY more effective. Ladies, you will love this, it tones the legs and hips very nicely. For us guys, the definition on our 6pack will come in nicely and it also builds the calves. Yes calves are seen as an primitive attractive factor. You got nice calves, people tend to see you as stronger unconsciously, so work on those chicken legs!
That’s all you need to know. Tonight I’ll post the how to build your own gym and I’ll be posting the workout schedule and videos tomorrow. Make sure you get everything before you get started and like our Facebook page.
Get strong, shred fat : Join the pack!