Cheating like a pro!

No this blog has nothing to do with helping you get your splinter cell on and pass your finals. I could of, but think its kinda late for that. Oops sowraay.

Back to intelligent matter, those who’ve been following my Facebook page saw that I did a 7-day project of posting everything I eat in order to educate you guys on what is really a healthy diet. Some people spot me posting in the end only 2 meals (sneaky stalkers) and started bitching of how hard it is keeping with only 2 meals in that day.

Guys don’t panic! I REALLY want you to starve and get rid of all your cake and cookie eating habits FOREVER..


Fuck that, imagine how horrible that would be? No Oreos? No fruit loops? And specially no cheesecake?
Man that would be one cruel world.
“But Paul! That shits bad for you like a nigga in yo house”(not racist since I used the term “nigga” and mostly just referring at Patrick LoneWolf)

Actually you can use junk food to burn fat. 
Imagine just eating your favourite snacks and that fat melts off to make space for those sexy abs. It’s a beautiful world that is quite possible.

Let me elaborate: when you go dieting for a long time, meaning eating whole foods with a calorie intake lower than your daily metabolism needs, your body shreds fat. The more fat you have, the easier it burns. Why? Because the fat inhibits a special hormone that tells your brain when it’s time to burn fat, and when it’s time to stock it: that hormone is called leptin.

In the most basic way explained, this hormone works like this: a lot of fat = high levels of leptin, not a lot of fat = low levels of leptin.

The higher the level of leptin, the more fat you burn and vice versa. All ex-fatties know how easy it was to burn that first 50lbs and how hard was that last 10lbs. That’s because the more you diet and shred fat off, the weaker the signal is to your body to shred off the fat. So if you’re skinny, but want even more definition, you’re doomed to never achieving it? False

Leptin can be increased temporarily by eating foods high in carbs an fats, basically sparking up your insulin levels. Those foods mainly are chocolate, pizzas, hamburgers, chips, ice cream, CHEESECAKE, etc… All your junk. That doesn’t mean you have to eat it everyday and you’ll burn forever fat! That’s just a stupid assumption, because those foods are high in calories and stack up easily.

With awesome planing, fast-foods could be your sidekicks in fatburning.

There are a LOT of techniques for dieting in using leptin, but I like to I with the classic: 6 days of dieting, 1 day of cheating. It’s pretty basic because I’ll leave it on a friday or Sunday when I know I’m going to the gym the next day and benefit FULLy from the leptin boost.

When I’m in my cutting phase I prefer eating clean 12 days, cheat on the 13th and fast on the 14th for extreme shredding.

Fasting? How does that work? Unfortunately, go check out my post on AFA: Alchohol, Fasting and being awesome.

So now you know how to eat well without having to sacrifice your favorite foods. I hope you start understanding that this can become a life-style, instead of just another diet till summer. A sexy body can be maintained.

Me and Patrick are releasing the Wolf-Pack Fitness Systems workouts for FREE on YouTube starting the first week of January. So start implementing the diet with the workouts and be ready to make a big step in the quality of your life.

Become better, become who you deserve. Join the pack