AFA: Alcohol, fatloss and being awesome.

Sup guys, finally got less busy and decided to get back on writing the blog. Actually, no I’m just as busy, but decided to put the blog up as priority. Either way,


Today’s subject is how to get drunk without ruining your diet… Just in time for the holidays!

While I’ve been hella busy working on making Wolf-Pack Fitness Systems beginning happen, I’ve been also busy finishing up school.
Studying for finals, staying up late gathering ideas on work while maintaining a proper diet and hardcore gym-time: it’s EXHAUSTING. We got a life to lead but some claim it comes with a lack of energy… Lucky I’ve always been a hyper kid well stacked on surpluses (had to do a lot with chocolate and being so fat that I’d been sweating in a freezer).

Anyways you know how college works: you finish finals, you get smashed. Period.

I do not encourage that. In fact, I discourage anything that has to do with getting pissed drunk.

Don’t get me wrong, I like to drink my casual wine or cognac on ice glass. I think there’s a James Bond look to you drinking at the bar, relaxed with a glass of Scotch and wondering if that red-headed in the corner ogling you like an open Frero Rocher is a tease or really just wants you to go there and be the man that will make her…

We’re getting off topic here.

It’s okay to drink, but people just plain abuse it.
I’ve been partying for ages with-out getting pissed drunk. Only times I REALLY drink are probably on my birthday and new-years. Even now I’m contemplating if I should only stick to a bottle to a half-bottle of wine for upcoming New-Years. Before you start rage quitting here and have a nuclear mindfuck, there are two reasons for that:

1- I can have fun with-out being drunk. Actually, I even enjoy it more like that. It keeps me in control and game on-point. I know if I happen to meet a hot chick, I won’t be like any other Zombie Drunk there trying to score. I’ll happen to be a sober Zombie tryin to score. Which is better, 1- you are virtually more attractive, 2-there’s less chances of falling asleep when I’m done on my part, and more chance I’ll leave my partner soaking in a cloud of toe-curling pleasure.

2- it just furthers me from any of my goals.
Waking up in the morning feeling full from McDee’z, too tired with a hangover and barely remembering anything is not what I call advancing your productivity, nor living.

Some people use booze to open up, but you’d be better off putting your social awkwardness out in the open and improving that, without having to relay on anything. Not only it makes you a better person, but you’re not destroying your body while your at it.

Alcohol, specially beer, is an instant fat-gainer. Not only that but it slows down your metabolism, and let’s not talk about the alcohol munchies that HAVE TO be obeyed. No benefit except lowering your standards when the place you’re in has nothing to offer and you really NEED to destress. You know who you are.

But since I know most of you will probably not give a shit and drink anyways, the best I can do here is teach you on how to do it effectively.

First, stick to HARD LIQUOR.
Beer and wine are high in sugar and it’s just asking your blood sugar to spike up and wake up insulin to store it as fat. Straight shots or double jacks on ice will do. Stay away from mixing it with sodas and juices if you want to cut A LOT of cals. Take diet soda if you’re too much of a pussy to drink it straight.

If you plan on drinking, make it on a night that you want to cheat completely. Eat till your satisfied but never to the point of discomfort. You’ll need the vitamins and minerals, even the bare minimum considering it’s all you can get form McDonald’s. It will also lower the headache te next morning. Stack up on those leptin hormones and prepare for the last step of war.

Last step- intermediate fasting

When you wake up with a dry mouth, head hurting, feeling pretty much like you had a marathon through the Sahara desert, first thing you want to get is a whole gallon of water. Rehydration is key to getting your system back on track.
The alcohol from your pervious night depleted your mineral resources and slowed down your metabolism to allow your liver to filter out the toxins. Giving your digestive system a break, by fasting the next 24hrs, is the ideal approach to kicking your metabolism back into overdrive and burning off those calories from the night before (assuming you didn’t puke it all over that hottie’s shirt after some intense flirting).
Since your leptin levels are almost at their highest, we will benefit from this opportunity to get a lactic acid training and a HIIT cardio. Not only you will be burning a pound of pure fat, but you’ll see that not eating is quite easy when you’re soaking in endorphins.

Things to consider for a proper fast period:
– fast until the next morning, that means no calorie intake what so ever. You can drink diet sodas for the flavor but toute just asking for a spanking.
-you will want to intake some BCAAs every 2-3hrs to avoid muscle loss.
-Drinking some green, white, black and oolong tea will get you maximum metabolism increase while benefiting from the antioxidants.

Fasting is not only amazing for shredding the fat, but it’s an awesome body detox that brings a mental clarity: something like you’d be on top of mount Fuji meditating with some hipster monks.

So get your shit together and start making these Holidays a tactical advancement in your progress, not a pitfall to your fat-gain.