5 ways to make your dreams come true

Been a while since I didn’t get to write a blog, but guess what?! IT’S BACK!

(I know what you’re thinking: “no shit Sherlock, I’m reading it right now” but hey I had to make a cheesy intro)
It was my birthday yesterday and I thought I’d reshape my goals and habits and get a weekly blog filled with delicious self-development info for you guys since I love you so so soooo much. Really.

Those who really know me will probably tell you that I’m a dedicated person.

I do everything in my power in order to reach my goals.
10 minutes away from waking up and drinking my coffee I’m already jumping into routine: morning work-outs, write a few e-mails and reading my daily askmen articles and laugh at some of the shitty advice from women to men in the single women section. No offence ladies, but you girls don’t give advice to keep men around you, you give advice for you to lose all attraction to the man and flatter you ego (I don’t judge, I’d probably do the same haha)

Back on topic, I’ve been asked a numerous times how I keep on track.

I’ve been working on becoming an awesome person for a few years and I still have a long way to go. I’ll probably say I’m at half-awesome right now, still missing a few animals to rescue and a few damsels in distress but I’ll get there.

Some people say I’m motivated, but that’s far from the truth.
I get motivational days maybe once a month, but that’s not what keeps me going: Habits do.Motivation does the first step; habits are the jog in the race.

Seriously, if you were motivated to work out like the first day your crush told you were too fat or too skinny to be her type (what a bitch), seriously apply in a clinical trial, neurologists would love to study your brain chemistry. But if you’re anything like me, just damn lazy sometimes, this article is for you.

I missed these color changes 🙂
So let’s get started:

1- Create a List

Nothing keeps your goals going like knowing the steps to reach them. 

Grab a pen, grab a notebook, or if you have an smartphone get the app “Habit Factor” or “Awesome Notes”, and start writing your major goals aka. Your dreams.

I’ll share mine to give you a few ideas: Get into Med School, write a book, see the big 1 000 000 in my bank account, get my body to look good enough to be posted in the CK catalog, release a Hip Hop album and be able to climb a tree in a few seconds to save a kitty and backflip down to become the 5yr old girl’s hero (half serious).

Once you have your major goals in mind, develop smaller goals that you think will help you achieve your major goals. 

For example for my Med school goal: Keep my grades above 90% and apply to a BAC that I know I could really perform in. 
For writing a book: write a chapter per month etc…

Right now we’re already getting somewhere and we just shed some light on how your dreams are actually possible.

Now after cutting the grass, let’s build the road.
It’s good to have goals, but if you’re not developing some habits to reach those goals you’re not going anywhere. We need daily habits and habits are awesome.

I won’t lie; developing them at first is a pain in the ass. Actually forcing yourself to do something you’re not in the mood to requires a great amount of focus and determination. After a while your mood is already pre-set to do them like a biological clock so it will be just as easy as brushing your teeth. Unless you don’t… that’s gross dude!
Starting the habits on a day you’re motivated is a huge bonus to making the first steps an easy run.
So what are exactly these habits? Don’t think eating ice-cream while watching daily the biggest loser will get you that six-pack. Neither studying 20 minutes before a quiz will help you ace them. The habits will have to be informed and a strategically put in your schedule to sure strike to your goals.

I recently moved in with my mom and I know she’s probably reading this right now (HI MOM!), she will tell you every morning I wake up earlier than usual just so I get the time in to do my push-ups and ab exercises before I start eating my break-fast then hit the gym before school. Honestly some days it’s the last thing I wanna do after waking up from a late night of studying, but it became a habit that I feel bad if I don’t do it. I feel incomplete.
Habits are awesome for keeping you in track and the psychological reward is almost as good as chocolate.

Now that you got a structure, here’s an example to help the visual people of how a dream is broken down into something achievable.Major goal :

Get Into Med-school à Smaller goals :  Keep grades above 90% à habits: Study daily for at least an hour
Do something for the community à habits: write a blog weekly, take care of the weaker ones, volunteer personal training, re-shape people’s lives with innovated ideas.
Stay ahead of other applicants à Habits: Study anatomy in my spare time, read daily NEJM and UptoDate, just be awesome
               Calvin Klein body à Smaller goals: Get a glowing skin and get bodyfat under 6% à Habit: develop a diet and stick to it daily (1 cheat day per week)
Habit: Hit the gym 4 times a week with 2 days of cardio and 1 day of aquatic fitness
Habits: Daily morning push-ups and ab exercises 

Just build a schema that fits your dreams and get started to rock it. 2- Put a timer

I can’t help to empathise how much a timer helps. It helps your focus enormously. I’ve written 1500 word essays in 1 hour by using a timer with a 10 minute mistake review afterward.

When you start using that timer you’re only going to focus on your task and nothing else. Cellphone off, facebook off, twitter should not even exist and nike it: just do it. It’s kinda like implementing the idea that someone has a gun to your head. The pressure of a timer is a huge placebo effect but it works so well on so many different levels.Next time you’re studying take a timer set a 45 minute and just do it till the timer runs off. NOTHING ELSE. Remember to reward yourself with a 15 minute break and something you enjoy before re-start the workload.  Dark-chocolate and Facebook usually does the trick for both guys and girls. Girls just get the benefit of being multitaskers, case proven you can usually see on your newsfeed 100 pictures of them taking their break. That phenomenon will forever remain a mystery in the eyes of guys.

3- Focus, prioritize and organize.

As much as I like to stay awesome, it’s a handful if I’m not organizing it. During the exam session this semester it was almost impossible to stay on track. I was sleeping barely 4 hours a day and trying to keep my routine just because I didn’t re-arrange my habits to fit the workload.
I didn’t prioritize my studying and allowed other goals like writing my book, taking care of others and my side-studies to stay on my schedule where they could have waited a week or 2.  I suffered like hell for that. I was basically a walking zombie for 2 weeks straight. I would have been an awesome cast for Dawn of the Dead.
Focus helped me stay on track and remember my dreams. Even though I knew I was dead tired and didn’t study yet, I had to cut hours of sleep to fit the studying in. You can’t have it all.
We’re in our early 20’s and some of you readers are probably still teenagers and we all think we can do it all. The whole superman mentality is a load of crap. You have to sacrifice some things to get other things done. Being a jack of all trades won’t get you shit, but being the master of few will.
Studying is my main priority but so is fitness. Nothing can cut these 2. I need both to keep my head clear and performing. Other things like dating; going out and partying can definitely wait.Got an exam tomorrow? Post-phone your date. (Guys that makes you even more attractive for showing you’re not a needy bastard. You’re probably not getting any by the third date anyways so you can spare yourself the pain of blue balls and ace that quiz instead.)
Got to get ready to head out? You’ll probably feel better and feel more confident if you hit the gym before. Get that done first and be late. The club won’t go anywhere and it’s so much funnier to get there when everybody is already drunk.

Anyways, just get your priorities in order.If you don’t have time to finish your other habits because of huge periods like exams and near break-up issues, cut some off and add them on a list. Put the list on your fridge or smartphone reminder and get them done the next week. Some people never do anything what so ever so don’t start digging your death hole with guilt, it will also probably feel better and fresh on your head to get a small break.

4- Take a 20 minute nap or meditation break
The magic of a nap is incredible. Meditation is even better. I’m not saying to start carrying a pillow with you or become an isolated monk on top of mount Fiji, but taking a small break has advantages on your nervous system. It allows you to spare yourself a mental breakdown or even over-training. Makes all the work you already did a thing of yesterday.
A few studies published by Harvard M.D department last month just started showing how meditation has gigantic benefits: one of them is the glow and regeneration of your skin tissue and mostly on mental health and hormone regulation. Just look at most of the old gurus of meditation, they look like they’re late 30’s when they’re actually dinasour-old wrinkly men on the inside (70’s).Remember to put a 20 minute time to nap or to light a candle close the lights and focus on clearing your head and you’re off to a better day.


   It’s impossible to stay productive 24/7. Your mind will stab you, throw you in a cliff and just laugh at your pitiful death (totally serious). Unless you suffer from OCD, your body and mind needs a break. Just act like a kid in elementary pretending he’s sick. Just stay home and do whatever you want and dedicate the day to anything but work. Cut the guilt off, it will do you better good than bad. What’s the point to work if you’re not living?

I’m trying to be productive as much as possible; heck I’m finishing this blog in the metro as we speak. During regular days my schedule is booked from A to Z, I barely have time for women, joy chilling and playing with my puppy (sorry puffy but we don’t even live in the same house anymoreL) We are all human. We have our sexual, attentive and pleasure needs. I usually take my Friday’s off to clean the house or whatever my mom’s bitching about during the week, watch movies, bring back some childhood cartoons and go out on dates.
Dedicating a day to fulfilling those needs will keep you on check and your motivation flowing through your pleasure centers. After all who wants to meet an over-worked, totally serious sex-deprived idiot? We all know those people don’t lighten up our day so why become one.Now that you know what you can do about going for your dreams, work your ass off. I’ll gladly help anybody that wants or needs help to achieve their goals; it makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside and plus I’ll probably get my letters of recommendation off you guys haha
Feel free to drop a comment to share your own tricks or e-mail me for any help needed,