Genuine interest and Dating

It’s Friday night, a little before 10pm* and i`m writing an article on dating tips… so lonely over here… hahaha ironic.

Just kidding guys 🙂 I`m going out partying after this so i`m gonna make this quick. Hope some of you are doing the same thing.

* I finished the article the next morning.

It has come to my attention that most of the guys that are asking me for help on hooking up with chicks are either asking help on lines or what to say.

I got no problem with you people asking me that but,  I`m gonna let you in on a secret….


There I said it. Yes I know some of the dating companies will want to fuck me over. Boo fucking hoo.

Its good to have clever lines. It builds up intrigue and mystery sometimes, but after all, in the end what is a relationship really about?

The whole magic happens when you discover what is more to your partner than simply his/her image. When you share intimacy and appreciate every small detail of them.
And sometimes when that Frero Rocher has been shared with a kiss (thats just asking for some good hot kinky sex).

How can you really arrive there if you`re constantly using lines?

You have to say a line, ask a question, then say a line after that one and then sex happens… 

Too bad reality is not really that way.

You gotta dig deeper than that. You gotta be genuinely interested in the other person.

That`s if you want a relationship. (I love these color headliners)

Some guys just want to fuck around here and there. By all means, I find nothing wrong in that. If two persons find each other sexually attractive and they both agree that they want nothing more than to leave themselves dipping in pure ecstasy due to an heaven-like orgasm… then certainly why not?

The whole seduction-game is fun. The whole mystery, excitement and rush of the chase makes the sex in the end so much more enjoyable. Specially if both persons know how to please and be pleased.


This is why I hate the pick-up community. Using canned stories, lines and magic tricks and God-forbid hypnosis in order to get a woman in bed. It’s un-human and just disgusting. 

Hiding stuff is okay, it keeps the mystery and we all know how much women hide from men or even their friends (It`s okay ladies, I understand.) but I refuse to help guys who just want to fuck a chick by pretending he`s in love with her. That’s just supporting the fear of women to attach themselves to a good opportunity when it actually arrives.  

I never really understood what it means to connect with someone before…

When I watch guys go in a conversation. I can read their body languages looking for something to say. If I can see it, imagine the girls who have probably 5-10x more connections in their brain developed for decoding emotions and body language. 
They hate that. They think its cute that you`re investing so much in them. But its called trying too hard.They don`t want that, because it just means you`re not comfortable with who you are. You don`t have the confidence to bring someone in your own world. It’s not the girl that is supposed to make you feel safe, you’re supposed to be the strong male that takes care of her.

They want to be understood. You don’t have to lie about who you are in order to pop out the similarities. Just understanding her, gives you a 90% advantage over the other guys.
Look around you and you`ll understand why.
Being comfortable with who you are means that you are able to jump in a conversation and be so confident that you don`t even need to demonstrate your value. You are able to rediculise yourself and more importantly be genuinely interested in the person that you are talking to.This is something you can’t fake. Girls can read when you are sincere.

Sincerity = SEX

Not really. But I can tell you that lying = no sex. 
When you are genuinely interested in a woman, you can see her eyes sparkle. The flow of the conversation happens in a magical way. This is the reason why:
If you are genuinely interested in a woman, that means you have no plans what so ever for her. You do not plan on talking to her so you can lead to a kiss or invite her for a game of super smash later on.
Being genuinely interested it means, no matter what happens, you have an unconditional intrigue of her person. You will want to know what is behind her whole character without expecting something in return.
Women can sense this a mile away, and the only people in her life that are really genuinely interested in her is her family and her close friends. Those people can be counted on her fingers.

For all men, in order to develop a natural curiosity of a woman it means that you have to love everything about a woman: from her hair to her sweet scent to her bitchy moods and even the girly talk in the bathroom where they want their privacy(apparently you get none anywhere else). 
 Accept their differences and start digging deeper. Understand why are they the way they are. You will see magic will happen.

Being curios will only help you develop as a person in every other area of your life also.

“But Paul, Curiosity killed the cat!” you maight say. Well then thank God you`re not cat.

Go out there, start exploring what’s the world around you. 

Stop being focused on what people think about you and focus on what you think of the people around you.

Its all part of living you life in the 80/20 way.

That looks like the subject of a next article. Goody good!

Until next time

Enjoy life, have fun, feel free