"Coming out of the closet"

Yup, this is my first blog coming straight out of the closet. No, this is not me confessing an homosexual orientation . Let me just say, you`re all some sick people wishing your reality is reshaped to a world where I`m sexually attracted to men. YOU`RE ALL SICK!

I take that back, I don`t want to be classed as an homophobe or an homosexual… Or as a twilight fan for that matter.

So this is my first blog creation ever. EVER, or since I passed through puberty for all I can remember.
Even thought I used to hate death upon blogs, I`m developing slow romantic love for them. Kind of like bromance, but in this case it`s called blogmance (yes I`m a complete dork).

I always thought blogs were completely stupid but I quote from John Romaniello: “Basically, a blog like a journal.Or a diary.Only instead of being private, it’s something you want everyone to read.Which is pretty much like any journal I’ve ever kept. Keeping my thoughts to myself has never been a Strength of mine.

I used to have this disease where I just couldn’t just keep my mouth shut. Just ask my mom about it. Seriously, ask my mom, she had to put up her whole life with me and my disease. Poor mom. She will probably post a comment here anyways so “HI MOM! I`M ON BLOGGER! p.s: we`re out of eggs”.

I don’t know how I could even survive in the army. I LOVE challenging reality. I’d get my ass kicked and court-marshaled every day. In my most humble opinion I think it’s something that must be done.

Why wait for the day when everything you thought was real collapse in front of your face? It`s a proven fact the more time we spend time thinking about something, we will grow attached to that image until we believe its reality . When the mind gets attached, it has trouble letting go. And that`s where the tears drop. Wussies.

Remember that childhood crush? Remember how it broke your heart when it took you months to actually tell her you like her and you only get back “I don`t even know you… whats your name?”  You little evil witch, I took you out on romantic dinners, watched the sunset on a beach and married and divorced you 4 times in my mind and you dare pretend you don`t know my name?!

Anyways, you spent so much time fantasizing your future, you forgot what the reality was.

I always used to spend 80% of the time in my head and 20% out there living. Figures why I was an lazy slob and got no where. I literally changed my life around when I said enough`s enough and switched the 80/20 around. I lost weight, got ripped, improved my social skills and most importantly learned how to speak out with confidence in what I truly believed. But I`ll get that on another post.

It pains me to see all the guys out there struggling with women. It pains me even more when I see them get whipped and manipulated like little toys. The world is fucked up. I can’t see why everyone out there doesn’t have the happiness they deserve. Life is work, but people keep investing energy in the wrong kind of work.

And this is why I made this blog!

I honestly hope with all my heart that I will manage to help some people find the right path that leads them to the things that they truly deserve.

Investing in your body, is investing in your mental health. Investing in your mental health, is investment in long term happiness. 

As an ex-obese kid, i`ll make a few posts on how to loose that belly and build up some muscle. Then you can finally be that douchebag taking duckface pictures in the mirror shirtless. Feels good man!

Even thought this blog is mostly directed at men for fitness and dating tips, I`ll write a few articles for the ladies. I also give out private consultations, which of course involves beer and a good comedy show. At your charge… Just kidding, I prefer wine.

So get exited ladies and gents, this is gonna be LEGENDARY!

So until next time, 

enjoy life, have fun, feel free.

( Pop, that one was for you